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The art of being Holier than Thou…..

So yesterday was the anniversary of my step-father’s death.  I got through it, I kept busy and did positive things.  Which brings me to this blog…..

Since when is it cool to pick/tease on good things people do?  When do we decide what is acceptable positive action and what positive action is one to ridicule?  I don’t get why  people are so bitter to see a bunch of quizzes per day, sick of all the baby pictures your new mother friends are posting, tired of hearing about your friends vacations, tired of their accomplishments, and tired of their challenges to raise awareness for illnesses, ranging from life threatening to mental.

Well, GET OVER YOURSELF!  By complaining about these things you;  A. make the other person feel like you aren’t really a friend at all 9an that you’re an insensitive prick). B.  You’re clearly just jealous. C. You need to get a life, instead of trolling facebook all day. AND finally D. Sorry,we didn’t know the world revolved around you.

So, delete the people who bother you, instead of posting little digs at their positive life style.  Get off facebook and go back to make-out club or myspace you grumpy asses.  Or, shut the fuck up already, sorry we aren’t at your level of coolness.

p.s. my delete button will be in full effect if anyone of my so called friends has an issue with any kind of challenge with donations during autism awareness month. The ugly truth is this: Activism is better served via internet now a days, a sign and a march just doesn’t break the bank anymore.  The keyboard is mightier than both sword and pen!


until tomorrow!


it’s almost time

the anniversary.

I’ll write more later….



The little things….

Can lead to much bigger ones, it’s common knowledge.  Signs go up rules are followed.  People conform, everyone is happy right?

Be careful what you wish for.  I think it’s somewhat funny and sad at the same time; I see people fight for the right to take away the first most important amendment. Mean while, getting all bent out of shape when the other amendments are messed with. Let me explain something to you.  once the first one is taken away you have no say in any other one’s, why, because you have no more voice.  All that fighting for your “rights” is out the window. All those communist comments, conform, you have no say.  Be careful what you wish for.

Hypocrisy, I even added a link, for those who don’t know the meaning.  We all do this, we are all at fault. It’s when you don’t realize your mistakes and think your perfect you fall into this. There will never be a perfect world and we will all not follow each rule exact. Know this, own this, move on.

1984, if you haven’t seen the movie i suggest you watch it, read the book whatever you need to. Honestly, this is where we are heading. I remember being young and watching this and saying no way this will never happen.  Boy was I wrong, I see it happen daily, little by little. I for one don’t want to wake up one day and be like, shit we could’ve prevented this. Nor do I want to be looked back on in a history class on the generation who allowed this to happen.

Wake up people, the more “rules” you make the more freedoms they are taking away.  what’s good for the goose is not always what’s good for the gander.


good day to you all.


infringement on the 2nd amendment…

I think not,When 90 percent of the american people voted for the background checks and they were denied yesterday, there is a major problem with the people elected in office. I’m so sick of hearing that the violence will still go on and the criminals will still have their guns. If we can save one life ONE with new regulations then it’s worth it. I’ve seen a lot of ignorant post the past two days with the Boston bombings, like this one: ” see what happens to liberal states, I bet boston wished they had guns.”  Okay what the fuck does that even mean?  what would the gun do, are we to shoot the bomb as it’s going off, or run blindly shooting random people you “think” did it.  Am I crazy here, am I the only one who see just how ridiculous this whole thing is?!?!  Am I the only one who see just how ridiculous it is to NOT want background checks for those purchasing guns?

We will NEVER be able to take over our government with guns, your argument is invalid.  The violence in this country has gone up within the past 10 years.  I don’t give a shit about every other country, I CARE ABOUT THIS ONE!  I may not agree with everything out president does, but I do agree with him calling out those who voted against this regulation, they will be the ones who pay the price.  This isn’t over, and I don’t want to hear it when those who are for it get caught in the cross fire, literally.  Us 90%, that includes republicans will fight harder. In fact the reason the bill was voted down is not due to our rights its was because the NRA is in their pockets, and the politicians fear not being re-elected. Grow up the rest of you and educate yourself.  You’re rights are not being taken away you are experiencing a well-regulated system.  We are the people, we will be heard.

good day to you all.

It’s raining bullets

English: Cast bullets: as cast (on left), with...

English: Cast bullets: as cast (on left), with gas check (center), and lubricated (on right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not really, I’m in a pretty nice neighborhood.  However, along with bullets there are guns.  Hot topic I know, but what I also know is that there is a lot of bull crap going around.  No not real bull crap, I mean a lot of lies a lot of mis-information.  So let’s break it down, Yo gabba gabba style.  not really….

After the Connecticut tragedy the president replied to and out pour of children and adults asking for more strict gun laws.  A sane person would question this but with our social media things get twisted and people don’t take too kindly to their “rights” taken away.  Of course the NRA and every person who owns a gun decided the only real way to fight this was to arm more people. Put armed guns at our schools.  As a parent I disagree on so many levels.  One main level is this, I asked my son how he would feel if there was a police guy that stood guard at his school.  He was all for it, then I asked him this, what if there were a few people guarding your school carrying guns in the hallways?  He almost cried, why you ask, well because my son at the age of 9 knows that a gun can go off at any point and after all the coverage he’s seen on the news. That can be a really scary thing to accidentally get caught in the crossfire. Even with the most skilled marksman this accidental killing can occur.  “Guns don’t kill people, people do.”  You’re absolutely right when you make a broad statement like that one. The thing is if no one had guns your theory is completely fool-proof, however we all know that isn’t going to be the case, ever.  Yes people with guns kill people, but they kill them with that said gun.  So,  my point, you still need a gun to kill and stricter laws can prevent a lot of the tragedy we’ve seen in the last 10 to 12 years.

People actually have a problem with background checks, I’m not even joking, they really do.  It’s a violation of their rights?  REALLY?!?  Well, I have something to say to those people, you are violating my right to live free of worrying about WHEN I’m going to get shot because some stupid fuck wants to have his right to carry a semi automatic, hell even a hand pistol.  People actually have a problem with how much ammo you are allowed to buy….are you kidding me who needs a stock pile of fucking bullets.  That guy who shot up that school, that’s what his mom was teaching him, to stock pile to get ready for when the world goes to shit.  Hey I got an idea why don’t you  people take that energy and put it into making this world a better place so we DON’T have to worrying about the world going to “shit”.

These are the real laws purposed:

Require criminal background checks for all gun sales. (a.k.a. closing the “gun show loophole.”)

Reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban.

Restore the 10-round limit on ammunition magazines.

Protect police by finishing the job of getting rid of armor-piercing bullets.

Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime.

End the freeze on gun violence research.

So I ask you, what is wrong with these purposed laws?  Nothing, no one is taking your precious guns, no one is going to invade your home, unless you are breaking the law. And if the government wanted to, even with all your guns they will still defeat you. so get over it, get over your selfishness. it’s time to make this world a better place for our children.  if you don’t like it move to a country that allows you to have all your guns and all your ammo. buh bye!


Good day to you all.

Hey LISA KHOURY, you’re what’s wrong with this world…..

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, so young, so ignorant, you are so many things that make me want to punch you directly in the vagina.  Yeah that’s right I’m not going to sugar coat a thing in this blog today.  Because Miss Lisa Khoury, you have personally attacked my character, and others like me.  I don’t take these things lightly and NO I don’t need to know you personally. I read your pretentious little article that belongs on Faux News. I’m going to break down your entire article with a few jabs of my own to you.

I am woman, as you say, and guess what I don’t have a fucking thing to prove. That is where you fail, you honestly believe as women we have something to prove? We don’t have shit to prove, this isn’t fucking 1950, I know you’d love for all of us to regress to that time when women wore aprons, and cleaned the house all day while our strong men went out into the work field and earned the living. Guess what I earn a fucking  living along side of my husband, and we both take care of the children and the household chores. It’s called the 21st fucking century!

As far as my decision-making abilities, I decided at the ripe age of 13 that I enjoyed tattoos, I gave myself one at my friend’s house with a sterilized pin and some black indian ink, it was horrible, and yet awesome at the same time.  When I turned 16 I convinced my father to sign a form that ensured I get this cute little frog on my belly, and he’s still beautiful. When I was 18 I decided to get two butterflies on my chest, they are GLORIOUS. As I grew older I got a few more tattoos and I’m not finished yet. Ya know what, they are all a part of me, they don’t define me, they are what I enjoy and what I chose to put on my body. SO you go ahead and get your hair done, and you nails done.  GO buy that fancy apron for your (I’m sure really hot) boyfriend who is totally against tattoos. And I will continue to ink my body up! Am I over here telling you you’re a complete “square” for NOT having tattoos, no, ya know why…..Because I dont give a FUCK if you get tattoos or not, it’s your body.  Am I blogging randomly about people who get don’t tattoos and telling them that their choices are wrong, and that I’m way cooler than them because I’m somehow ABOVE that? Nope, and you know why?

Well, I’ll let YOU in on a little secrete. Tattoos for me ARE and accent to my beauty.  SO you can sit there and type all day about how “ugly” I am to you, and how you can’t stand how all women do not fit into your fucking cookie cutter mold or your nazi views on the way things “should be”, I don’t give a rats ass what you think about me! Guess what asshole GOD doesn’t like that you’ve put holes in your ears for you fucking ear rings either, your body is marked, the makeup you wear marks your body, if he didn’t want marks on our body why do we have fucking moles!! HE doesn’t like that you are changing your hair color or covering your body with clothes.  Clothes are the punishment, remember you self-righteous piece of shit! I don’t want to spend big bucks on a fucking hair style that will grow out in weeks, or that I won’t remember how to style the next morning.  I don’t want to spend money on clothes that will be out of fashion in a month, or I’ll “grow” out of in a year.  I don’t need to get my nails “did” so when I take the fucking polish off, my nails are all yellow and disgusting. I don’t need to spend money on a gym membership when I can get the same work out in the comfort of my own home, without being gawked at or objectified to beef heads! I will spend my money on stuff that I know I get a long run out of, I’ll spend MY MONEY on stuff that I want, not things that YOU want me to buy for myself. Who the fuck are you?! I am an adult I don’t need another fucking parent, thanks!

My  MORALS…. Well, I grew up knowing to treat others as I’d like to be treated. I knew that it was NOT my JOB to judge people (we all do). I was taught that we are all humans no matter what our style is, or what we like to do with our lives.  I was taught to love individually for who the person is, not what the person looks like, apparently YOU were taught to hate everyone and anyone who isn’t exactly like you.  So no thanks, I will not be taking any advice from the likes of someone like you, who would love to have this world divided!  I accept everyone in every form, with every style.  You go enjoy your hateful life, while I enjoy my loving existence getting tattoos!

Good day to you!

Are you kidding me people…

So the latest is, it’s totally cool to gun down giraffes on a ‘family holiday’?  Does this sound FUN to ANYONE?

So what do you want to do for your vacation, honey? Well sweetheart, I would just LOVE  to travel to South Africa! Ya know, to sight see, shoot some giraffes, meet the native tribes.

What the fuck? Let’s have a little lesson on giraffes. Not only is this majestic beauty the largest terrestrial animal alive but guess what, it’s also a herbivore. They are pretty civilized for the animal kingdom the males work their way up the ranks to hierarchy. sound familiar? Men prefer solitary, and women socialize in groups. They do meet up every now and again to form groups for brief time periods. But they enjoy their space,  they have aggressions like any other animal especially the males. No offense. And the ratio of same sex activities are about 30-70%. So they have a lot of similarities to every other animal (including us).I mean they have DAY CARE for their children! Do we hunt each other for sport? Do they hunt us for sport? I’m sorry but this is EXACTLY like being a bully.

Nope, and why would we? Well we definitely kill each other, and we are considered insane.  So if we aren’t killing these animals for food, then WHY are we ALLOWED to kill them and who the hell wants to eat giraffe?! And why is this a fucking family vacation activity? I just don’t get it, i’m flabbergasted. I literally want to shed a trillion tears whenever I see those pictures. For that matter, what makes the rest of the world okay with this?  Is there not something wrong with those people? Are they not also considered insane.  How many do they have to kill for sport before they turn on their own kind?

What the hell is wrong with you people, this makes me want to scream. Ignorance is bliss, well I’m sure glad I don’t live that way.


Good day to you!

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