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Tv weekly

Week nights are veg out nights. My weekends are spent here there and everywhere. On the week nights I like to be as lazy as possible. However, I did fit in the gym today with my husband.  I only ran 2 miles, not my best, but I also haven’t worked out in two weeks. In that two weeks I swear to you I’ve gained 50 lbs.  Shark week didn’t help, cheetos definitely didn’t help.  So now I’m here, watching t.v..  Teen wolf, Atlantis, Candidly Nicole, Naked Dating. (we will get into these shows in upcoming blogs I’m sure) At this moment A Haunting is on while I wait to watch last night’s episode of Under the Dome.  The funny thing is since I’ve become and adult, nothing really has changed. I LOVE television. LOVE IT!!!!!  I’m surprised I’m not 250 plus pounds.

Anywho, today I went to work after being ill. It was a pretty good day, I was tired and my hand still hurt from the cuts I received why trying to shut the freaking cabinet door in the bathroom.  Sure I probably would’ve slowly closed the door instead of slamming if it wasn’t the  3rd time it opened it opened; causing me to bang my head into the corner while cleaning the floor. I never said my temper was the best. I guess I got my wish, the door will be fixed. And, by fixed I mean replaced with what Joe will call a boring door with no flare, no special touch.  Well, that special touch cut my hand and now my hand hurts so fuck that door!

All in all it’s been a pretty productive day. Finally made my bed, washed my hair, swept the floor, did the liter, as I stated before got the gym in, and now it’s tube time.


until tomorrow.



So yeah, there’s this weird virus going around. It’s just a fever, a high one, sometimes you get a headache, and for a few minutes a terrible sore throat. For the most part the best cure is to sleep.  So that’s what I’ve done for the most part. We’ve all had it except Josh.  I’m hoping he doesn’t, when he gets sick it’s always 20 times worse than the rest.

Over the weekend we went to the swimming hole again, this time hiking past the steel bridge.  There were cat-fish, and snakes, rock jumping and family fun. The kids had a blast and their cousin got to spend the might with them. I got to hang with my twinny for a bit, and even made plans to add more kids in the mix when we go back again. The next day we went to visit my mom-mom. I only brought one of the kids since, they are overwhelming, and Ryan wasn’t feeling well.

There really isn’t anything exciting to write about.


so until tomorrow.


Yeah I said it.  Rollerblading, yeah I did it. Unfortunately, the ghetto ass rink roller blades suck for my falling arches. I am still recovering from the damage done to my ankles.  I’m talking blood, through my socks!  But I did it. Shout out to Sean P. for talking us into it, even though it didn’t too much.  So this year for my 36th birthday there will be skating rink fun!  I will be wrapping my ankles and hoping for the best.


God dammit, I’m OLD!  And ya know what, I don’t want to hear any back sass from you older folks. When you turned 36 I know you were bitching about it too, so STFU and let me rant.  I’m old, my bones hurt, I’m not in shape, and I’m moving closer and closer to death.  That’s some scary shit getting older. Now when I work out, I have to worry about working too hard. When I get angry I have to worry about getting too angry. When I eat I have to worry about what I’m eating. Heart attack central.  No one warns you of this shit when you are young, or maybe they did and I wasn’t listening. In any case, it sucks.


until tomorrow!


Sporadic (click on the links assholes)

Thanks to my sister I decided to write again. so, as I sit here and watch girl meets world I think about how I’ve let you all down. All 3 of you that still actually read my blog. I’m not as angry as I was, maybe that makes me less passionate about writing. I’m not as depressed as I use to be, so maybe that makes my writing a little dull. But here I am….I’m back!

I’ve posted about many of topics of the years, I’ve touched on them all.  Even me, my life, how I roll. Pretty sweet really, I wake up to 3 boys who fight going to school, who give me a hard time feeding the cats, who fight over well…..everything. Then I go to work, I do some art then listen to people moan on the phone. It’s glamorous I know.  I come home make way more elaborate dishes than I used to get as a child, and then I veg out on the tv.  Oh yeah almost forgot I go to the gym, I’m almost 36 there no way of avoiding that.

In my 35 years on this earth I’ve come to realize that life is not always exciting, life is not always daring and spectacular. Most of our days are spent in routines, tedious routines. So I blog, I read, I sign up for college to become something new. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s this:  If you stay in one place too long, you get stuck, you die young, you become BORING.  No thanks, that is definitely not the life for this Leo.

Until tomorrow!

we may not agree on things….

…but we are friends.  I see this a lot, on  facebook, at work, around town. I enjoy seeing this, it gives me hope that we aren’t so wrapped up in ourselves that we can still have open minds. We can still find that something that joins us. That the things we don’t agree on don’t hold a candle to our actual likeness. What a crazy thing, right, humans. Silly and wonderful in so many ways.

I find myself shaking my head at the people online, and in life. The ones who really want to be right. Who just can’t let go until you flip sides to theirs.  I shake my head, get a little bit frustrated, then I get sad, and finally I move on. I’m not one to  hold grudges, I am just not made up that way. Sure I can stay angry for sometime, but that’s not a grudge as much as a hurt. A pain that the person I let in, that I thought knew me would put me in a situation that made me feel bad, or that they would not get where I’m coming from.

But, I get over it fast, I can forgive easily, and move on. It’s in the way I’m wired I suppose, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Just thought I’d share.


Good day to you all.


With fault of none other

she sways her head

to the beat of the music

she sways her head

to the drum of her heart

she sways her head

in the heat of the moment


in her touch of life


hold on to your youth

pick up your tongue

onto the valley

run run run

she sways her head

when no one else can hear her

the voices so strong

swaying her head is all that can be done.






because i’m happy…..

Tomorrow's full moon....I would truly love to say this daily.  To fall in line, to be content, to just feel joy constantly.  Don’t get me wrong I feel joy when I’m around my family, and friends. Alone with my thoughts I’m not.  I have a lot of insecurities and a lot of issues that I’m working out one by one. I can paint on a happy face and you’d think it was all dandy. I wonder how many people actually do that, I’m betting on 85 % at least.

But, it’s Friday, fun day, w.t.f. Friday’s good times. End of the work week blah blah blah. My back aches, my neck is kinked, and my arm is throbbing. I”m getting old. With oldness comes worry. With worry comes gray hair and BAM stress pains. Did you know that stress can cause muscle spasms. I’m proof of that I’m on anti inflammatories and a pain med that makes me unable to drive. CABIN FEVER!!!

So I blog, and then I regret blogging, so I blog more. It’s a vicious cycle really. I’m gonna stop, no one read this shit anyway.


good day to you all!

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