The art of being Holier than Thou…..

So yesterday was the anniversary of my step-father’s death.  I got through it, I kept busy and did positive things.  Which brings me to this blog…..

Since when is it cool to pick/tease on good things people do?  When do we decide what is acceptable positive action and what positive action is one to ridicule?  I don’t get why  people are so bitter to see a bunch of quizzes per day, sick of all the baby pictures your new mother friends are posting, tired of hearing about your friends vacations, tired of their accomplishments, and tired of their challenges to raise awareness for illnesses, ranging from life threatening to mental.

Well, GET OVER YOURSELF!  By complaining about these things you;  A. make the other person feel like you aren’t really a friend at all 9an that you’re an insensitive prick). B.  You’re clearly just jealous. C. You need to get a life, instead of trolling facebook all day. AND finally D. Sorry,we didn’t know the world revolved around you.

So, delete the people who bother you, instead of posting little digs at their positive life style.  Get off facebook and go back to make-out club or myspace you grumpy asses.  Or, shut the fuck up already, sorry we aren’t at your level of coolness.

p.s. my delete button will be in full effect if anyone of my so called friends has an issue with any kind of challenge with donations during autism awareness month. The ugly truth is this: Activism is better served via internet now a days, a sign and a march just doesn’t break the bank anymore.  The keyboard is mightier than both sword and pen!


until tomorrow!


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