Birthdays and a best friend….(again with the links)

I’m a total asshole when it comes to this significant date.  Every year I have nothing to give,  and most of the time I can’t even go out.  Money sucks, hence going back to school.  I don’t even want to be ridiculously rich, I just wanna be able to go out on a close friends birthday and get her something special.  It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Well, this year is different.  I got the gifts, and I can go out.  a freaking miracle!  Tomorrow I hear we are off to Skyzone, which is wall to wall trampolines literally a mile away from my house.   I’m super stoked, I just hope I don’t pee myself.  Yeah that’s right, piss my pants. It’s what happens after 3 kids.

Second part of my title. My bestie, she’s great. She’s probably the only person other than my husband who knows me completely, and I’m most certain there are some things she knows a little better than him.  Well on this July 30th it’s her 36th. Yeah we are getting old. I will never forget the first day of school at the bus stop in Medford. Walking up and being highly annoyed that a girl was in my spot waiting for the bus. In her stone washed ripped with lace underneath jeans.  I did love her hair, perms were so cool back then. Of course the both of us didn’t speak to each other for months, and honestly I can’t remember whom actually started talking to whom first?  My memory has failed me.  The important things I definitely recall, giving her a best friend charm in front of her so to be formal best friend. Starting up a babysitting service, watch Donnie, playing on speed bumps, Riding bikes. The bug who opened her front door, going to the pool, JAMESWAY!

Here’s to you Crystal, 36 years young.  Here’s to 50 more years, growing old is gonna be fun!


until tomorrow.


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One response to “Birthdays and a best friend….(again with the links)”

  1. Crystal says :

    I love you. This post is amazing. omg, Jamesway!

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