So yeah, there’s this weird virus going around. It’s just a fever, a high one, sometimes you get a headache, and for a few minutes a terrible sore throat. For the most part the best cure is to sleep.  So that’s what I’ve done for the most part. We’ve all had it except Josh.  I’m hoping he doesn’t, when he gets sick it’s always 20 times worse than the rest.

Over the weekend we went to the swimming hole again, this time hiking past the steel bridge.  There were cat-fish, and snakes, rock jumping and family fun. The kids had a blast and their cousin got to spend the might with them. I got to hang with my twinny for a bit, and even made plans to add more kids in the mix when we go back again. The next day we went to visit my mom-mom. I only brought one of the kids since, they are overwhelming, and Ryan wasn’t feeling well.

There really isn’t anything exciting to write about.


so until tomorrow.


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