weekend begins

10487309_10203507064930240_4397713375989533729_nSo we just got here from Jersey. Devil’s advocate is on and I think I’ve told joe this 25 times since I’ve known him. “Ya know Crystal and I went to the movies to watch this 3 times.”  At this point Joe doesn’t say a word, pretending I never said a thing.  It’s not that he doesn’t care but this is how life goes, when you are with someone for so long, stories repeat .  This goes both ways, life on repeat.

We are here now, as I said, Devil’s Advocate playing in the background. I’m blogging, Isaac’s almost sleeping, Ryan and Josh are playing on their kindles, Joe is reading sheet music, and the grandparents are probably wondering……why in the world do we invite this crazy assholes here all the time?  My family, as a whole filled  with a variety of personalities. Some call us dysfunctional, insane, fun, spiteful, know it alls, quiet, LOUD, and many more names. But, we are family.


until tomorrow.


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One response to “weekend begins”

  1. Crystal says :

    I always tell Sean we’ve seen it in the theater 3 times, too! Until he beats me to the punch, I’ll probably keep reminding him haha

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