saying goodbye..

Is never easy. It’s not like we don’t have practice, we start young. A day at the playground meeting new friends, Time to go Billy. A weekend at the beach….well work on Monday, Mary. That Midnight, he was a good dog…..Ghellar, Bella, I wish they would’ve lived longer.

Saying good-bye sucks. To a Parent biological or not, that is one of the worst. A person could argue that saying a goodbye to a child is the worst, and I wouldn’t argue back. I don’t know that pain and I HOPE I never do.  I do know the pain of losing a parent and a parental figure. I know that pain all too well. It SUCKS, it never gets easier. We tell ourselves it does. But, if you stop and think about that person……really think about then, in a moment of weakness, looking at a photograph, a certain smell, a song, an article of clothing, hell, a fucking t.v. show. In that moment it’s not easy, there’s a break. A tear in your heart that is never mended, maybe a piece of mesh falls over it to keep from all the happiness from pouring out.  But that one little tear stays with you a lifetime.

You no longer remember the fights, the nights wishing they were gone, wishing you never knew them, or even hating them. That’s all out the window. You’re left with a little hollow tear. Keep it small.  Keep it hidden at times. let the tears flow.


good day to you all.


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