This one’s for my friend.

I know it hurts, the sting is not so sweet. The pain is something unfamiliar, something unimaginable. Something, you never thought could be possible. Not with our childhood, not with what happens during those times. The times you wanna, not you wish you had a different life. We did that, we have a different life. But our past is our past and it’s a part of us. For all the bad times, there were good times. Wildwood, state fairs, air fresheners, water gun wars. It’s funny how the mind and heart works isn’t it?  We remember all the bad all the time and never the good until something happens. humans…..a funny thing.

I miss him, my step dad. everyday, the pain changes.  It doesn’t fade, it never goes away, we just learn to live with it, not accepting but living. I can’t even think too long before the tears come.  Do I have the words to ease your pain?

No, I’m sorry.

Do I have a shoulder for you to cry on, and ear for you to pour it all out into.


I can tell you something though, something I wish I did, something I wish everyday.  Call, and if he won’t answer… go to him.  And just know this, I love you. And the craziest thing is, he does too.




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