because i’m happy…..

Tomorrow's full moon....I would truly love to say this daily.  To fall in line, to be content, to just feel joy constantly.  Don’t get me wrong I feel joy when I’m around my family, and friends. Alone with my thoughts I’m not.  I have a lot of insecurities and a lot of issues that I’m working out one by one. I can paint on a happy face and you’d think it was all dandy. I wonder how many people actually do that, I’m betting on 85 % at least.

But, it’s Friday, fun day, w.t.f. Friday’s good times. End of the work week blah blah blah. My back aches, my neck is kinked, and my arm is throbbing. I”m getting old. With oldness comes worry. With worry comes gray hair and BAM stress pains. Did you know that stress can cause muscle spasms. I’m proof of that I’m on anti inflammatories and a pain med that makes me unable to drive. CABIN FEVER!!!

So I blog, and then I regret blogging, so I blog more. It’s a vicious cycle really. I’m gonna stop, no one read this shit anyway.


good day to you all!


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About apocketfullofsunshine78

oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

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