Early Addition

Let’s talk about the act of holding feelings in.  Sure it’s great for everyone else around you to not constantly hear your every thought, your every feeling. But what about you?!  I truly believe every feeling you hold in takes a few moments off your life span. If that’s the case I’m good to go until i’m well into my 90’s.   Bottling up only causes explosion and really what’s worse, the holding back or the explosion?

For example, if that girl you know a huge bitch, because,  she’s constantly bitching about EVERYTHING, or is she onto something? Of course there is something to say about being miserable ALL THE TIME.  And, are you wrong in telling her that the reason everything sucks in her life is due to her constant negativity?  Nope, do it, speak your mind.  At the rate things are going that right will be taken from us soon, enjoy it.

Or how about that guy that just doesn’t even try, right down to his appearance.  Do you just shake your head and talk shit behind his back, or do you say you buddy, how about a shower every day?  How about both? Because really do you think that guy will care when you call him out on being a scum?  Probably not, he’s lazy, he doesn’t give a crap.

And now for the catch 22, because there is ALWAYS a catch, life is always lived between a rock and a hard place. If someone tells you differently they are a damned liar!  When you don’t keep some things bottled in you risk the feelings of the person on the other end. Let me say this loud and clear….NO ONE LIKES HEARING THE TRUTH. most people love living in their fantasy world where they are always right and do nothing wrong.  Once you start telling the world your feelings you will lose friends, you will lose family members, people WILL hate you. That is why I try my best to show everyone exactly who I am from the start. I’m crazy, I’m a bitch, I’m unreliable to a fault, and I tell it like it fucking is. People hate me, people disagree with me, and am sure some would love to kick my ass. Whatever, if you don’t like me for me then screw you, you are not worth my time.

For everyone else I have parting words for today, until tomorrow.

Good day to you all.


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oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

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