It’s all in the tone.

Tones can be funny, serious, mean, arrogant, cute, nice, and annoying.  It’s all about your tone. I try to explain this to my children. They don’t get it, but when do you really get it. I answer the phones at work, customer service, graphics, a jack of trades if you will. I just don’t get the point of starting off a conversation angry?  I mean I get it if I killed your dog or slapped your mom sure. But,  seriously, if there is a mistake why freak out until you know what happened.

That leads me to stuff typed out. It’s pretty hard to get a tone from text.  In the past it was downright impossible without the use of proper punctuation.  That’s kind of out the window anymore. Especially, with the improper grammar I see online. I’m guilty of it too, I’m lazy. I’m a writer, we make up our own as we go. I’m getting side tracked, anyway, This day and age we’ve actually become able to tell tones in what we read online. How weird is that, and it also drives me nuts. the ALL CAPS, yelling, to the sarcasm, it affects each person different.


Just remember it’s all in the TONE!


good day to you all.



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