a place to call my own…. RANT CITY!



So here I am blogging, and it seems the only time I ever get to do so is if something is really bothering me. That’s the purpose of the blog right? Now I ask you what is the purpose of Facebook?  It’s a place to connect or re-connect with people.  In the years evolved it’s become a place to state your opinions, beliefs, and well, to get things off your chest.  It’s pretty much a public blog.  The new trend is condemn those who use their Facebook this way.  I get it really, I don’t want to hear about how great the sex was last night, nor do I want to see that you beat your child. I also don’t want to see beaten babies, abused animals, or God quotes daily. Do I say anything about that stuff, nope, why, because it’s your damn Facebook who am I to tell you what you can post and what you can’t?! I’m also  all for getting opinions on how to handle a situations, what’s wrong with that?

Say you want to make a statement.  You post it right, and by posting it you’ve opened yourself up to ridicule, HOWEVER, the person commenting is also opening themselves up to your opinions, beliefs, etc.  So why do we get so angry with what someone else writes on THEIR Facebook. It’s their’s, it’s their beliefs, it’s their opinion. who are we to belittle them, who are we to judge. We are humans that’s who we are.  We have our own opinions, we have our own facts and we will post them damnit.

Now we get into this little gem which I like to call the dog fight. The bullies of Facebook, the trolls if you will. Hey, I’m not going to lie in my glass house I have been there, done that.  Opinions are like assholes everyone’s got one. but remember they are opinions unless you have facts to back them up (concrete facts) then shut the fuck up when I tell you to shove your opinions straight up your ass.  Don’t snarl or snap me when me and my logical friends on my Facebook back you into your corner pooch,  in turn I will try to contain my fangs if you do the same on yours.

The hatred that goes on, on the Facebooks’ is quite frankily disgusting. We are all individuals, we all aren’t going to agree on everything. So the next time you decide to go off on someone for what they post, or what they are “airing out” remember that even though you haven’t done so in a long time, some people (like me) have really good memories and chances are YOU HAVE DONE THE SAME THING IN YOUR FACEBOOK EXPERIENCE!  you can delete your old posts all you want, it doesn’t make it erased from your life time line!


good day to you all!



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