Addiction and enablers

So the new thing to latch on to is how we should feel sorry for those who dies of heroine overdoses.  I get it I’m heartless, it’s an addiction, a disease, it’s a hard thing to overcome.  But let me say this, there is support and then there is just enabling.  This is what I know, he had addiction problems since he was a young man.  He went to rehab, once stayed sober for 22 years then decided to start popping pain killers…the last time he was in rehab was May and that was for 10 days. I’m sorry but 10 days is NOT going to get you off anything let alone HEROINE, he knew this, he didn’t want the help his brain was already rewired to his addiction path.

Do you feel the same when you see a homeless man on the streets, nope most look down on him.  I see a lot of drug testing for people on welfare comments….shouldn’t our compassion go out to them also? Nope sorry they aren’t on the big screen, they are some how a lower breed, in plain terms we could give two shits about them.

You’re absolutely right addiction is a bitch, and it’s hard to kick old habits. However, the addict needs the want to kick it in order for it to happen. It’s not a disease like Cancer where you have absolutely no control, you have some control you just don’t want to take it. You want the quick escape from your demons. Don’t we all?  I struggle daily with anxiety and depression, I found the will to get through it, some days suck more than others but I am determined to not let this issue hold me down. Not everyone is as strong as me, I get it, I really do but listen up by making excuses for these addicts that DON’T want help….. you aren’t helping them you are ENABLING their behavior.  NO matter which way you look at it. If i tell my son you can’t hit everyone you see because they don’t agree with you, am I to excuse him for not listening to me and beat up everyone who doesn’t have his same views, am I to make excuses for him……  We aren’t animals.

The addicts best defense is manipulation, and when you fall for it they have you. I think it’s hilarious that we view things as selfies bad,video games are ruining our youth and drugs addicts just awful until one famous person dies. It just takes one, NOT Brad Renfro though not that guy, he was just bad!  Not 50 bags of heroin bad, but a bad batch of fake heroine bad! I’m sick of being called a jerk or heartless or they feel sorry for me because I have no compassion for these idiots (who btw know heroin can kill them, they know the risks, they don’t care).  Ganging up on me is not going to bring anyone back nor will it change my views as I can’t change other view points. It’s just that they are my opinions, MINE not based on fact but not based on fiction. You can’t change my mind hilter’s of the world, this girl is no sheep.

But it’s cool gang up on my views then post on facebook next week about how bullying is bad…..hey pot, meet kettle.

You know who I feel bad for, his kids, that’s who. They had to live with this, no one cares about them though or what they had to witness. Genetics my ass, those kids are scarred for life and no one even bats an eye about that. There are plenty of people in my family who are addicts, and for the most part all of their off spring are NOT addicts. Maybe we should start going around to people who have had  family members killed for money for drugs, or killed by a drunk driver, we should tell them hey man, don’t hate that person who killed your loved one they had a “problem” a “disease” they can’t help what they did, it was the addiction. it’s high time we take responsibilities for our actions people.

It’s about the want people, the want to be better, to take control of your life. Get a fucking therapist and grow the fuck up, and if you can’t put your big boy pants on then don’t be surprised at people like me who won’t give two flying shits if you die or not. And FINALLY, shut the fuck up about P.S.H., i’m over it.

p.s. does everyone still hate charlie sheen. well you better stop he has a problem, he needs your sympathy not your hate.


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