it’s the little things

watching my kids grow is like looking in to a past window. I remember growing up with my cousin mike and nick for as far as I can remember. Cousins didn’t define our relationship, I have always felt more of the older sister to them. then Steph came along. Of course I was 9 or 10 so I was a bit older. But I still thought of her as my second little sister, I have 2 real siblings, same dad’s different moms.  I struggled with what that actually meant my entire childhood. Partly because I never really got the chance to bond with my little sister as I had with my cousins. It’s not that I didn’t love her as much as them it’s just that I didn’t know her as well as you should.  I didn’t have the childhood most children get when they are brought into this world. It was tough, I had to grow up fast.  Would I change that, absolutely not.  I’m thankful for it, I grew from it. I’m a better person because of it.  But lets not get off track too much here.

I have three boys, 10, 9, and 6.  They have friends now, that come over.  And as I sit in the other room typing, or watching grey’s anatomy, or cleaning I hear the things that they say to each other. The laughs, the arguments and I think to myself; Thank you for making me remember my child hood.  I was a tom boy so a bunch of boys in the house playing video games or jumping on the trampoline or riding my bike was my cup of tea.  They don’t know this yet, but they may grow apart or they may be writing these same words on their own blog one day about each other.  Or they will find each other on whatever social media site is around and reminisce about the days when they were young. It will probably be my children since no one seems to share in my memory skills.

Ahh the youth, so blissfully unaware.  To be young again, you never think about that until your old and turning 35.


good day to you all.





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