infringement on the 2nd amendment…

I think not,When 90 percent of the american people voted for the background checks and they were denied yesterday, there is a major problem with the people elected in office. I’m so sick of hearing that the violence will still go on and the criminals will still have their guns. If we can save one life ONE with new regulations then it’s worth it. I’ve seen a lot of ignorant post the past two days with the Boston bombings, like this one: ” see what happens to liberal states, I bet boston wished they had guns.”  Okay what the fuck does that even mean?  what would the gun do, are we to shoot the bomb as it’s going off, or run blindly shooting random people you “think” did it.  Am I crazy here, am I the only one who see just how ridiculous this whole thing is?!?!  Am I the only one who see just how ridiculous it is to NOT want background checks for those purchasing guns?

We will NEVER be able to take over our government with guns, your argument is invalid.  The violence in this country has gone up within the past 10 years.  I don’t give a shit about every other country, I CARE ABOUT THIS ONE!  I may not agree with everything out president does, but I do agree with him calling out those who voted against this regulation, they will be the ones who pay the price.  This isn’t over, and I don’t want to hear it when those who are for it get caught in the cross fire, literally.  Us 90%, that includes republicans will fight harder. In fact the reason the bill was voted down is not due to our rights its was because the NRA is in their pockets, and the politicians fear not being re-elected. Grow up the rest of you and educate yourself.  You’re rights are not being taken away you are experiencing a well-regulated system.  We are the people, we will be heard.

good day to you all.


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