ignorance is definitely bliss…..

I wonder if we will ever become less selfish?  I wonder if the compassionate people’s voices will ever truly be heard?  I wonder if anything will change for the better?  My optimistic side says yes, there is always hope. My realistic side says not any time soon with all the ignorance and creed this world has. And my pessimistic side says no, never because we are all too self involved.  Sure we pretend to do good things and a lot of us do.  But when real issues occur and they directly affect us we tend to only stay in our box, what is best for me what’s best for MY family, not anyone else. That is being selfish, and we don’t have time for that any longer.

Real stuff is happening, real change that can be good is being laid out on the table.  But no one wants to bite, because of selfish reasons.  Everyone is screaming change but truly wanting everything to stay the same.  it’s crazy to me, I have no words.  At time i honestly feel like my head is going to explode, one-sided arguments are running rampid.  Nothing is going to get done people, nothing good. I know I’ve touched on the gun subject and the latest revisions of the laws are so ridiculous why are we even making a change.  sure you need to have a federal background check, but the automatic weapons ban is once again not going to happen, and the limited ammunition is not going to happen.  you have to get screened at gun show, but your family and friends are allowed to receive a gun from you.  What?!?!? Seriously you say, up I’m serious.  So stop with your second amendment rights. I’m sick of it, you little brats you’re getting what you want, nothing is going to change really so shut up about it already.

Lately I’ve been reading headlines upon headlines, and the violence in this country is out of control, whether it be I’m hearing more about it due to our internet craze, more info is easily accessible, whatever, the point is it’s ridiculous.  We are not acting civilized, we are all acting like a bunch of whinny brats.  I understand the constitution, it’s not the bible, the bible is not in the constitution so seriously educate yourself. All politicians are liars, and are not looking out for us.  well, except Bernie Sanders. he’s the man.

I have no point to this post but I’m just sick of it all. I’m sick of people telling me I’m not allowed to argue points due to my emotion behind it.  what the fuck is that?  if you are not passionate about something then what is the point of argument.  how do you think laws were put into place? Let me break it down for you.  A group of people felt very strongly about one particular thing, decided it was bad for us to do and they made a law.  so I’m sorry for those who like to use that as an argument against me because it’s an uneducated statement to come back at me with.  I like to think outside my box, I like to think of others even the ones that are sometimes too stupid that I don’t know how they survived life this long. I like to help them, I’d like to make sure their basic rights aren’t taken away,  I like to try to give a voice to those who find it too hard to speak.


good day to you all.


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