I held my tongue….

I hold my tongue for the lack of words

that wouldn’t hurt you.

I hold my tongue for the best interest

of my sanity

I hold my tongue for the good of the family

My fingers ache


ba bump ba bump

the pulse quickens and I can stand no more.

I held my tongue unwilling, fearful, regretful

you are everything you hate

a common name, a pretty face, a manipulation.

With my teeth I hold my tongue as the blood trickles down the back of my throat

to my already tangled stomach

I  warned with no warning

I  heard without hearing

Is starved with an abundance of food

I will hold my tongue no more

for it’s gone, it lay at your feet mangled and twisted

pick it up lifeless, worn

satisfaction at breaking a soul, at breaking this voice

once thought of as the black sheep….

a serpent not even fit for a wolf

warned, wicked, spiteful

vengeance no more.

a game you made you’ve won ten fold, and where are you now

more pathetic than before.


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About apocketfullofsunshine78

oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

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