Love is in the air and hate…..

It’s been awhile I know, what can I say really nothing has spark my interest in the world.  That or I’m just becoming numb to constant bullshit that surrounds me.  I don’t want to force these posts so I’m trying to hold out.  I just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive and still willing to write when I have something real to say.  So far this month there are only a few little things on my mind.

So Whitney Huston died….Like we didn’t see THAT coming. She’s only been hooked on dope for over 15 years now. Jennifer Hudson claims she hasn’t stopped crying. Bitch please, yeah and you lost ALL that weight on your own….RIGHT, you didn’t get your stomach stapled at all….HA! Celebrities make me laugh, I would love to be one don’t get me wrong but some just can’t handle it.  They literally go insane think they are invincible and then die.  Case in point.

Gay marriage, really why are we still talking about this, why is this still an issue.  Who cares who wants to get married, why are there rules on this. If your GOD really felt that strongly wouldn’t he smit all the people who didn’t follow his law, jesus people get the fuck over it. BTW it’s legal in N.J. you lose, we win.

The super bowl….sucked, and not just because my team wasn’t in. It was boring, the commercials were okay at best and the teams playing made me want to cry for the sort itself.  BORING!  The only good thing about that day was our friends that were over keeping us company, I think we pretty much talked through the entire thing.  And that half time show, what the fuck, madonna you suck.  Seriously, I know you have to seem relevant when a new face comes on the scene threatening your rep.  But damn girl just bask in the glory of what you’ve accomplished and get over yourself.

And finally……Politics.  You know what I’m sick of, lies.  I can’t take them any longer, I can’t take ignorant people who believe every single world fox news says, and I can’t stand every person who believes in everything the huffington post has to say.  We are spiraling down people. it’s time to fucking work together, george w. bush succeeded same goes for majority of the rest of his party….they have successfully divided us.  Well,  I guess I’ll just sit back and wait for the downfall of America.

Good day to you all!


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