Hey LISA KHOURY, you’re what’s wrong with this world…..

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, so young, so ignorant, you are so many things that make me want to punch you directly in the vagina.  Yeah that’s right I’m not going to sugar coat a thing in this blog today.  Because Miss Lisa Khoury, you have personally attacked my character, and others like me.  I don’t take these things lightly and NO I don’t need to know you personally. I read your pretentious little article that belongs on Faux News. I’m going to break down your entire article with a few jabs of my own to you.

I am woman, as you say, and guess what I don’t have a fucking thing to prove. That is where you fail, you honestly believe as women we have something to prove? We don’t have shit to prove, this isn’t fucking 1950, I know you’d love for all of us to regress to that time when women wore aprons, and cleaned the house all day while our strong men went out into the work field and earned the living. Guess what I earn a fucking  living along side of my husband, and we both take care of the children and the household chores. It’s called the 21st fucking century!

As far as my decision-making abilities, I decided at the ripe age of 13 that I enjoyed tattoos, I gave myself one at my friend’s house with a sterilized pin and some black indian ink, it was horrible, and yet awesome at the same time.  When I turned 16 I convinced my father to sign a form that ensured I get this cute little frog on my belly, and he’s still beautiful. When I was 18 I decided to get two butterflies on my chest, they are GLORIOUS. As I grew older I got a few more tattoos and I’m not finished yet. Ya know what, they are all a part of me, they don’t define me, they are what I enjoy and what I chose to put on my body. SO you go ahead and get your hair done, and you nails done.  GO buy that fancy apron for your (I’m sure really hot) boyfriend who is totally against tattoos. And I will continue to ink my body up! Am I over here telling you you’re a complete “square” for NOT having tattoos, no, ya know why…..Because I dont give a FUCK if you get tattoos or not, it’s your body.  Am I blogging randomly about people who get don’t tattoos and telling them that their choices are wrong, and that I’m way cooler than them because I’m somehow ABOVE that? Nope, and you know why?

Well, I’ll let YOU in on a little secrete. Tattoos for me ARE and accent to my beauty.  SO you can sit there and type all day about how “ugly” I am to you, and how you can’t stand how all women do not fit into your fucking cookie cutter mold or your nazi views on the way things “should be”, I don’t give a rats ass what you think about me! Guess what asshole GOD doesn’t like that you’ve put holes in your ears for you fucking ear rings either, your body is marked, the makeup you wear marks your body, if he didn’t want marks on our body why do we have fucking moles!! HE doesn’t like that you are changing your hair color or covering your body with clothes.  Clothes are the punishment, remember you self-righteous piece of shit! I don’t want to spend big bucks on a fucking hair style that will grow out in weeks, or that I won’t remember how to style the next morning.  I don’t want to spend money on clothes that will be out of fashion in a month, or I’ll “grow” out of in a year.  I don’t need to get my nails “did” so when I take the fucking polish off, my nails are all yellow and disgusting. I don’t need to spend money on a gym membership when I can get the same work out in the comfort of my own home, without being gawked at or objectified to beef heads! I will spend my money on stuff that I know I get a long run out of, I’ll spend MY MONEY on stuff that I want, not things that YOU want me to buy for myself. Who the fuck are you?! I am an adult I don’t need another fucking parent, thanks!

My  MORALS…. Well, I grew up knowing to treat others as I’d like to be treated. I knew that it was NOT my JOB to judge people (we all do). I was taught that we are all humans no matter what our style is, or what we like to do with our lives.  I was taught to love individually for who the person is, not what the person looks like, apparently YOU were taught to hate everyone and anyone who isn’t exactly like you.  So no thanks, I will not be taking any advice from the likes of someone like you, who would love to have this world divided!  I accept everyone in every form, with every style.  You go enjoy your hateful life, while I enjoy my loving existence getting tattoos!

Good day to you!


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