Are you kidding me people…

So the latest is, it’s totally cool to gun down giraffes on a ‘family holiday’?  Does this sound FUN to ANYONE?

So what do you want to do for your vacation, honey? Well sweetheart, I would just LOVE  to travel to South Africa! Ya know, to sight see, shoot some giraffes, meet the native tribes.

What the fuck? Let’s have a little lesson on giraffes. Not only is this majestic beauty the largest terrestrial animal alive but guess what, it’s also a herbivore. They are pretty civilized for the animal kingdom the males work their way up the ranks to hierarchy. sound familiar? Men prefer solitary, and women socialize in groups. They do meet up every now and again to form groups for brief time periods. But they enjoy their space,  they have aggressions like any other animal especially the males. No offense. And the ratio of same sex activities are about 30-70%. So they have a lot of similarities to every other animal (including us).I mean they have DAY CARE for their children! Do we hunt each other for sport? Do they hunt us for sport? I’m sorry but this is EXACTLY like being a bully.

Nope, and why would we? Well we definitely kill each other, and we are considered insane.  So if we aren’t killing these animals for food, then WHY are we ALLOWED to kill them and who the hell wants to eat giraffe?! And why is this a fucking family vacation activity? I just don’t get it, i’m flabbergasted. I literally want to shed a trillion tears whenever I see those pictures. For that matter, what makes the rest of the world okay with this?  Is there not something wrong with those people? Are they not also considered insane.  How many do they have to kill for sport before they turn on their own kind?

What the hell is wrong with you people, this makes me want to scream. Ignorance is bliss, well I’m sure glad I don’t live that way.


Good day to you!


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