Thanks…Thanks A LOT!

Let’s talk about health insurance for a minute….hell maybe 5.  I pay over $146 every two weeks, it’s taken out of my check to cover my medical insurance, and extra $14 something for my dental, and $8 something for my vision.  These are all taken out of my check bi-weekly so nothing should be an issue right, wrong. So very fucking WRONG. I have polyps in my nose, there is a sliver of space that allows me to breath without become a full-time fucking mouth breather.  I take nasal spray and zyrtec and am hoping I get those shits burned out of my nasal passage so I can live a semi normal life….until they grow back.  It’s always possible.

So today I go to cvs to fill my prescription, like every other month. About 10 minutes after my prescription was dropped off I get a call from cvs.  “Hello, is this Christine. We can’t fill your prescription because your insurance card has expired.”

“Yeah, I’m still waiting for my insurance card to come in the number should be the same.”

She proceeded to tell me that my insurance card will probably arrive on Monday and that I could pay out of pocket and once my card arrives get money back.  To pay out-of-pocket that’s $75, wait…what….what the fuck….no, no I don’t want to pay out-of-pocket I’ll chance it and hopefully not want to kill myself while I wait for my fucking card to come in the mail.  Joe gets home and he’s not liking that answer so he calls cvs back and asks them to call the insurance company since they’ve done it before for a similar situation with him.  They tell cvs yes she’s covered but we don’t have any information on her……WHAT?!?!?! I need to contact my health care benefits provider.  What the fuck is going on?

Let’s break this down….yes i’m covered….Okay, so what exactly is the problem? Obviously there isn’t really a problem since you are STILL taking the money from my pay checks bi-weekly.  You don’t have ANY information about me?  Really? what about last years info, NOTHING HAS FUCKING CHANGED….where did this information disappear to? Three children need to go to the doctor and dentist…..where’s my fucking health insurance card.  And what is contacting my benefits provider going to do, resubmit something you already had from LAST YEAR!!!!!!! You can stop taking my money now assholes until you provide me with some fucking insurance!

This little story brings me to this last thought.  ANYONE who believes that the United States healthcare is the best health care in the world, and does not need to be universal, is a fucking idiot. There I said you people are fucking IDIOTS! go ahead argue with me I want to hear why I’m wrong.  Why is it that EVERYONE I know whom lives in europe has NO issues what so ever like we do over here with health care.  NO, I don’t want to hear what they’ve told you via U.S.A. news, you know why, because I won’t believe you.  NO, I don’t want to hear about how your fucking great grandparents, or grandparents had shitty health care over seas or in canada back in 19 fucking 50, because guess what it’s the 21st fucking century assholes things have changed. NO I don’t want to hear about long waits for important procedures, ya know why, because the SAME shit happens here, or better yet you’re FUCKING denied because of a previous health condition. So save it you ignorant assholes I don’t want to fucking hear it.

This country’s health care system sucks, and it needs to be universal PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!!

Good day to you!


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2 responses to “Thanks…Thanks A LOT!”

  1. Crystal says :

    Did you get this sorted out? If you are showing active coverage with the carrier, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket right now.

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