have you been saved by Tebow?!…

It’s Sunday the weather is okay for a day in January, not too cold just right for a game of passing the pig skin.  Otherwise known as football, I’m not a huge football fan.  My life does not revolve around this sport. If my husband puts it on and I have nothing better to do (this includes napping) than I’ll watch.  I get into it as well because I’m competitive by nature.  I watch it for the sport, I don’t look to these sports figures for any sort of advice with everyday life.  If I want some tips on how to better pass the ball or how to defend my team I will surely seek advice from such astounding athletes.  I will not however ask advice on family things let alone religious preference, nor do I want such preference shoved down my throat.  Thanks but no thanks.

So knock it off already, Tim. We get it you love Jesus, kudos to you. I, personally, never knew the man.  I’m sure he was a stand up guy back in the days before education, back in the days we all thought the earth was flat, and still believed in magic ( I still believe in magic). I heard he was a great fisherman and a pretty decent carpenter.  If you ask me to believe that he healed people with the power of god…..well, I’ll need some proof of that.  Back to Tim, I don’t need you to shove you jesus dick down my throat you pretentious piece of poo. Here’s the thing Tim by letting everyone know you are going to visit a sick child in the hospital….that had now voided any strand of selfless act, THAT does NOT make you a good person.  Throwing God‘s name around also does NOT make you a good person.  People love you because you are a good athlete, remember that because next year or 5 years from now that’s what they will remember you for, NOT for your love of Jesus. (well, maybe they will since you won’t shut the fuck up about it)  Now I’m all for celebrating, and I have no problems with you praying or doing whatever it is you do before or after a play. To constantly talk about it when a camera is in front of your face is quite another thing.  What are you trying to sell Tim?  Stopping pushing your religion like a drug to a school child.  We get it YOU LOVE GOD! enough already play the fucking game and get over yourself.


good day to you!


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2 responses to “have you been saved by Tebow?!…”

  1. MissPuke says :

    i do not like tim tebow.

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