It’s always sunny…..and f*ing cold!

With a hint of snow sky, you know what I’m talking about, that gray sky but not the I’m so sad rain sky but the its hella cold out and it’s going to fucking snow.  I don’t hate winter, really, I don’t.  I long for it during those 90 degree days with the humidity that makes it feel like a armpit.  And forget about breathing, that’s not going to happen.  That is when I long for winter.  Not the I can’t catch my breath winter, when the wind hits you so hard in the face it feels like an invisible glove has covered all your air passages. Not the Jesus Christ is so cold out here my teeth won’t stop chattering, and it feel like my entire body is one of those “fat burning machines. You know the ones where all the fucking thing does is shake your body.  That doesn’t work, does anyone buy that shit anymore?!  I long for the winter, where it’s not frigid but cool enough to get a chill when you’re in your pull over hoodie. That is the winter I long for.

In all honesty I would care at this point if this cold had been going on since early December. But Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it’s JUST starting NOW!!!!!!!   We aren’t even half way through this, we are only beginning!  We have another 3 more months of this, good-bye spring, hello harsh summer.  We got a total of 5 snow flakes here this winter, FIVE!  That’s it, and to make matter even more peachy all you assholes are getting sick again.  This is the way it goes in my house, first my mom gets sick, we all blow it off because well, she’s literally ALWAYS sick.  She always doesn’t feel well and she always has a cold. Is this my future?  Two of the guys I work with are sick with what I hope is the flu I already had, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one because I HATE being sick and talking on the phone.  Josh will get sick, Joe, Isaac, Me, than Ryan.  I’ll go to work sick, and somehow I will be the cause of all this sickness, well me or Mike the only other person in our group with children.  Children are germ carriers I don’t deny it. Thank god I’m getting these polyps removed from my nose soon. then I will have super immune system, powers…..I just know it! 2012 I know you will be my year, I can feel it.

But hear this 2012, you have until march to be cold. After that no more!


Good day to you!




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