2012 and go…..










Another year comes to an end, a bit too fast for my liking, but alas it’s over.  There were no huge parties, or gatherings this year. A few good friends stopped by for a visit before the ball dropped. The kids were all quiet and good, and Yoshi purple was slowing in his fish bowl.  I knew it would be his end soon……and it was, today he died at the bottom of his fish bowl.

Call me crazy but I really think he died the way he did to not frighten the children. There he laid, with his face firmly planted on one of the small rocks at the bottom of the bowl where the old food fell from the night before. Staring back at us, with lowered eyes, tail still in the air, like he was taking one of his fishy naps.  I broke the news to my middle child Ryan while he played his new 3ds game, his eyes welled with tears as he slowly walked over to the bowl. He cried silently for his fish, while I walked down to the basement to break the news to Joe. I suggested a new fish to ease the pain, since this was the first pet picked out by Ryan that had died.  He quickly agreed and joined me upstairs to console our boy.  His bottom lip quivered as I told him this is the way things are, a cycle, and during Yoshi’s life we provided him a good home filled with love so he wouldn’t have to die alone in a pet store. He understood and was excited when we told him we could get a new fish to give the same life Yoshi had.  We gathered around the toilet for our fish’s proper burial, and my son and his father left for the pet store.

Cleaning the bowl out was my last goodbye.  I know what you are all thinking, it’s just a fucking fish, why so sad?!  For  sappy me, a pet is a pet no matter how big, what kind of habitat, how long their life span is.  That fish was part of our family and I will mourn like I mourn every other life that dies, with respect.

Our new fish is Mario Blue ( I added the blue), he’s a young one, that will hopefully live for more than a year. My son is counting on that. So like any other parent I will make sure to take care of this fish like my own, offer love, clean water, food, and a few taps on the glass to say hello.  To a new year and a new fish. Happy new year all!

Good day to you!


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4 responses to “2012 and go…..”

  1. Joanne says :

    I had a Betta that lived a super long time. Remember to feed him freeze dried blood worms.

    • apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

      🙂 When we got Yoshi Purple I knew he was old. He wouldn’t eat so we had to buy him special beta food, it had dried blood worms in it. This new one is super young so I think we’ll have no problems. I had this gold fish I won at a carnival before that lived for 5 years and it was HUGE!!!!!!

  2. MissPuke says :

    i remember we all had goldfish at my dad’s.
    you know which one out-lived all of the store-bought fish?
    the little goldfish i won at a carnival.

    we loved our fish. i think this might be my favorite blog post of yours.

    rip yoshi purple. you will be missed. ❤

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