AND…I’ve done it again.

Online shopping, probably the most convenient/ FRUSTRATING thing in the world.  It literally took me 3 hours to use my gift card I received from target online today. Now, I hate shopping, probably because I’m so damn indecisive. I’ll look at something and say oooo I want that, and then come across another picture and go, BUT WAIT, I really want that.  Constantly fight with myself does not help when shopping!

What’s been really pissing me off is the photo quality on some major corporations website.  If you are going to put your product online for us lazy assholes to buy, for christ sakes get a high resolution file!  How do you expect me to buy a product when it looks like a fucking 8 bit Nintendo game?!?!?!?!  I know TARGET has the money to buy a good camera for photos and a team of web designers to make sure I have the best online shopping experience.  I know it’s in bad taste to wish for a termination of an employee during these hard times but, for the love all everything you find holy,  cut the slackers there are plenty of people who would LOVE to buy food for their fucking family tonight, or make their mortgage payment!  You disappoint me Tar-ja, I shake my fist at you in frustration.  If Wal-mart can fucking do it I don’t want to hear any excuses!!

Paypal and online shopping….Why doesn’t every business off this?  And on that note, why doesn’t every business who only allows payments via Paypal stop acting like a nazi asshole and let us use our damn visa? WHY?!?!  I’m so sick of this “We’re too good for you money” attitude lately with these businesses. It’s unprofessional and all of us adult who choose to shop online are out of highschool so, why don’t we all act as such. Stop whining about your business not making enough money if you are unwilling to be “convenient”!

Which brings me to my last thought of the day.  Gift cards, as much as I just pissed on Target at least they make it so their gift cards are useable online!  To all those business out there that STILL haven’t jumped on this gem…….SHAME ON YOU!  Do you want me to buy your shit or not, again, why is it so difficult for me to spend my money online, or my gift card?  If this a ploy to keep us all on our toes, well no thanks I’ll pass.


Good Day to you!


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