There is always next year….

2012, OMG it’s going to be 2012 in less than one week.  But, unlike the John Cusack movie there will not be an end. Sorry folks, so sorry to disappoint you. The Sun will still be here, the ice age will not. The mayan calendar ended because they stopped making it, and Jesus Christ will NOT be returning, you crazy fucks!  There will be more deaths, as that is a part of life,  there will be move crazy weather patterns, the world is ever changing.  You’re still going to have to get up for work everyday, you’re still going to have to do your daily routine. Get over it, the end of the world will not be in our life time.

Christmas was fun, although I do feel a bit cheated.  I got this awesome gift from my wonderful husband (Xbox 360, 250 gb hd & skyrim)  And guess who didn’t get to enjoy it…..That’s right, me.  The kids also got a couple of games for the Xbox putting my Xbox time on the shelf.  The turkey never thawed, so we had roast beast. Now I’m left with a huge ass turkey that I’m going to cook for New years day, assuming all the cleaning gets down.  And believe me there is much-needed house cleaning.  Sure, I have mopped floors,  cleaning bathrooms, and doing the dishes.  My house however still looks like a cyclone has hit it.  My husband is as stressed out as me. So being the super wife/mom that I am, at this point in the day, I’m willing to say I’m going home to clean, do some laundry and make the house stress free when he walks in.  Don’t worry he won’t read this, he hates reading my stuff, not that it’s boring (because we all know that’s a falsity) but because he just don’t have the attention span to do it.  Why can I do it all you ask, simple i’m fucking awesome!  If I made him an audio of all my writing he would gladly listen, he’s not an asshole, but he’s a busy man.

My kids I’m convinced hate me, I mean they have to.  I’m constantly giving them second, third, 200th chances to get their act together.  They have off all week, so they are determined to not shower or brush their fucking teeth.  They’ve taken over ALL the computers, and gaming devices leaving the rest of us with nothing.  Literally nothing, we can’t even watch the fucking t.v.  So what happens when you back a starving dog into a corner with a slab of steak…..they bark, snarl, even bite.  So I simple through out there a ” hey, you guys got a lot of games and other toys, why not play with them for a bit and give the games a break (and me)”  This is about the time the screaming begins, also the time i lose my fucking mind.  So i scream and take away the computers and xbox (my christmas gift), then I’m automatically the meanest mom in the world, and my children hate me.  Just a typical after christmas day, one Christmas they will wake up with wrapped coal……probably not but it’s a threat.

So what am I doing New Years‘s Eve?  LAst year we through a party, this year I’m completely drained….that means nothing.  Nothing but t.v. awaiting Dick Clark‘s appearance and a laugh or two and possibly bed before the ball even drops.  Either way I’m getting my much needed rest and skyrim playing on.


Good day to you!


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