I’m done


Finally I’m finished.  Shopping that is, and let me just say I’m pretty proud of myself. My dollar went way more this year due to  last-minute shopping sales.  So thank you stores for that one, My kids thank you too!  I’m not going to spill what I got on here, it’s a surprise.  I’ll let those share on Facebook if they want after they receive. Let me tell you how much I did save during my “shopping spree” $203, yeah that’s right, I’m a thrifty mother fucker.

Cookies, in the oven as we speak, some with walnuts some without, they are amazing if I do say so myself. team effort there all, My mom helped me a bunch.   I just feel awful that Joe can’t part-take in this awesomeness.  (tooth problem) He is on the mend though just a few more procedures and hopefully the tooth dilemma will be over and out.  For at least a year, we are getting older. False teeth are most certainly in our future, so I will continue with my cola addiction, and these fucking cookies.  YUM!

Amongst all this craziness going on I will say this.  I miss blogging daily, I want to have the time to blog more, I honestly can’t wait for the season to be over, or at least until christmas day.  I can’t stand people and their holiday attitude and if gets way WORSE the close to that special day we get.  Present day!!! WOOHOO! So if you are one of these assholes listen up.  we all have special people in our lives that we want to get gifts for, that we want to spend the day with.  So don’t ruin it, YOU are not more IMPORTANT than me, just as I am not more important than you. (well, maybe a little) But fucking be jolly, lighten up asshole, it’s fucking crisp crisp.


Good day to you!


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