Ahhh the Christmas Spirit!

During this Holiday season I’m finding it really hard to post blogs daily, let alone weekly.  Why you ask?  I’m happy, merry if you will.  Sure customers get my blood pumping at time but really my tolerance is amazing during this festive time.  Hell, I found it hard to even write my angst poems for my poetry group, and THAT my friends is VERY unlike me.  How do I feel about this?  Well,  I like it, it’s very sugary sweet.  Can I take this all year?!  Fuck no!  I need the anger, it keeps me grounded.  I wouldn’t even call it anger as much as passion for the opinions I have on certain subjects.  Since it’s almost election time be ready for it, the wrath of Chrissy.  I can get intense, I’m just throwing that out there.

So christmas is literally right around the corner and guess what,  I’m not nearly done shopping.  Sure we’ve gotten the kids their big gifts, but the little things still need picking up.  No big deal right…Nope the crowd I will have to endure will be god awful.  I just don’t understand why so many people have to be so damn angry when they shop.  It’s not a contest folks, all I want is for you to NOT think you own the roads, or the store, or the sidewalks when I’m out doing my last minute shopping.  Do I have to start bringing my great grandfather night stick with me, because I’ll use that shit without a glance back.  I’m a crazy bitch!  So please don’t put your cart or your fat ass int he middle of an isle way and give me ‘tude when I’m trying to get by, or take a browse in the toy section, where’s your holiday fucking spirit?

People on the road…..PAY ATTENTION!  I know there is traffic around the malls, I hate it as much as the next person.  When I see you trying to ride along the shoulder of the road I WILL turn my car in that direction and block you, and then BEG you to hit me.  Why?!?! Because you are a fucking asshole and you are NOT more important than the 500 other car in the line ahead of you.  Wait your fucking turn you selfish prick. And to you the person who is riding along the left lane to bypass, only to turn your car practically into mine to get in front of me in my lane to get into a store…..to you sir I say go ahead hit, the price is very sweet for me because I could use a new down payment on a vehicle, guess what you’re still not getting in, suck it!  Now if you are nice and we make eye contact and you politely hand signal me you need over sure thing I will gladly let you, while the asshole behind me waves their hands in frustration.  Guess what people…..the stores are not going anywhere! CALM DOWN!!!!!

Good day to you!


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