Let’s talk about family

I got a HUGE family, and a well sized family of friends that I would do anything for.  And hell I’m even quite sure this subject has been blogged about 5 bagillion times before. Sorry to say this but you’re going to hear it again.  I’m sure you all have the drama bug at least once a year in your family.  For me and my Huge array of human beings….well, I’m happy if I can go a month without some sort of drama in my life.  Guess that’s why I blog, who knows, who cares.  It’s happening so get in on the bus.

To those of you who think I’m stirring the pot I’m not really, I’m just airing it out. Guess what it needs to be done.  What the fuck else would I have to talk about?  Now that’s a question for inquiring minds.  No, but seriously, family is family, and the friends we draw into this family the are pretty much untouchable, and the same rule goes for them vice versa.  It’s a weird kinda of relationship but a good one none the less. Look at that family up there, we are a handsome bunch, there are plenty more good looking faces in that family some new some not so new.  We got each other’s back, we may fight amongst ourselves, we may not like how the other one lives, hell there are a few of us that hardly even speak….but we are family.  I’m not sure about what you people think or how you are with your family but this family, this family right here is pretty fucking great.

So why would you turn your back on this awesomeness. Huh, what’s that?  You wouldn’t?  Fuck no you wouldn’t, it’s like the best sitcom you could ever watch! Why would you NOT want this?!?!? But I get it, no really I get it. Too much awesome is a bit too much for some people.  It’s okay really because ya know what, I still love ya!

Good day to you!


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2 responses to “Let’s talk about family”

  1. Misspuke says :

    Speaking of family… On th new season of bad girls club, there are twins.


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