Happy Thanksgiving

Ah yes the time of year when we rush around, fight with our spouses and most importantly eat great food!  I was rushedtoday, so I look less than great, and really I’m upset about it.  I don’t get dressed up often, so on the special occasions when I can I relish in it. So here I sit with my laptop with only mascara on, jeans, my hair in a bun, and my regular t-shirt that I would normally wear to work. BORING!

No, I don’t want my picture taken, thanks, and normally I love pictures. I’m sort of a camera whore. Not today, nope not at all, if you can’t tell I’m pretty upset about this! And this is where the fights with the spouse come in…..word of advice husbands, do not rush your fucking wife when she’s trying to get ready.  During that time it’s not a good idea to act like a fucking brat (but I guess it’s only naturally when you are the baby of the family), needless to say on this day of thanks I’m pretty annoyed.

You all however, should be thankful this turn of event has lead me to blog today.  And as I write this gem I am more calm and okay with everything that has happened. Unlike some people I get over things quickly when I think of what will be the outcome of today.  Good food, good company, equals good times.  For that I am thankful, I’m thankful my children looking super cute and behave well (when we are out in public, for the most part, they are children), I’m thankful for my husband  even though he was the one who pissed me off today, I’m thankful he’s a great dad, and a pretty great husband (no one is perfect). I’m thankful for my friend who has stood by me since we were children (even though we have our little tiffs), I’m thankful for my twin who no matter how many hurtful words we will say to each other in our lifetime we always know they are only words and we will get over it. I’m thankful for my husband’s parents who make a lovely meal every holiday and for welcoming as their own.  I’m thankful for my dad who watches my children for me while i work because day car is too fucking expensive! I’m thankful for my mom who gave birth to such a wonderful person……*cough* me. I’m thankful for my sister who deals with my crazy from time to time, and dealt with me kicking her ass as a child yet still looked up to me, and my other sister who is two months older than me who found me on Facebook! I’m thankful for all my nieces and nephews (my twin’s children included) I’m thankful for the friends I met through her, and I’m thankful for Georgia who is like switzerland.  Level headed and can deal with the entire family’s crazy and just accepts us all for who we are.

WOW, that’s a lot to be thankful for, and I’m sure I missed a few and for that I am thankful for those people who will forgive me for forgetting.  What are you thankful for?

Good day to you!


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oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

One response to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. miss twin says :

    I am thankful for you too, twinny. Soooooo thankful!

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