Cleaning and what not

I have come to realize that I have way too much shit!  Entire too much for this house, it’s literally driving me insane.  It’s only 10 am and I’m almost giving up on getting this house and orderly as I want.  Call me O.C.D. but I can’t stand mess. Don’t get me wrong my house is always clutter with the latest toy my children are playing with, and the only real-time I can keep it clean is when they are all in bed, but for the most part it’s pretty fucking clean considering the amount of people in my household.

Two of the said people are camping in tabernacle, hopefully not getting eaten by the Jersey fucking devil.  I’m pretty alone and can easily get this shit done, but I have no motivation at this point.  It’s saturday, I have ONE soda, it’s fucking cold as shit outside, and no wish to do anything.


good day to you all!


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