So it’s 11pm…..random thoughts….

Why the fuck am I still awake? Did I mention I had a long night, and there is football on. Nothing bores me more than a foot ball game with two teams I just don’t give a shit about.  Anything Favre touches I want NOTHING to do with.  That man is a waste of fucking space. Oh and it’s pronounced FAV~RE, not FAR~VE.  I don’t care if that stupid hick doesn’t know how to pronounce his own name, he’s wrong.

Moving on……

Truth commericals…..really what the fuck, if you’re going to smoke then, you’re going to smoke.  If you are a parent who smokes in the house around your children you’re an asshole.  We all know it we are all well-informed, we don’t need a fucking commercial to tell us anything new.  We don’t need television to raise our children, as a parent you explain this stuff to your children and they learn it in school, or have you cut the funding for that Chris Christie(you fat piece of poop).   You scare the hell out of them your own fucking way.  I, personally, tell my kids they’ll get cancer and die a slow painful death…’s not really a lie it’s more of stretching of the truth if you will.  It CAN happen, so I’m letting them know the risks.  I don’t need some fucking commercial with some kid who is still in his teens basically telling people who do smoke it’s their fault for him have spots on his lungs from smoking.  He made that decision no one else, he did, he started smoking no one put a gun to his head.  I hope they are still teaching about this stuff in school.

Above the influence commericals….Can we have all of those about alcohol because that IS the gateway drug.  What kid do you know started smoking pot then started drinking?  In most cases it’s the other way around and then it gets out of hand. But, maybe you’re into that and that’s fine to. As long as you aren’t affecting me and the way I live my life, who am I to judge. If you aren’t  being destructive in others lives then I don’t give a fuck what you do to your own. Enough with the fucking commercials already.  Where are all the drunk parent commercials…..the zanax commericals, the kalonapin ones……

Sorry all not much for writing tonight it’s late and i need my beauty sleep.

good day to you!


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