my weekend post in a nut shell…..

I fucking LOVE christian bale, I don’t care if he’s a huge dick or just annoyed by the fame.  He’s a great actor, in EVERYTHING he does.  From Empire of the Sun to The Fighter, you won’t find a better actor for any of his roles.  And the dedication is phenomenal!  He goes from buff to barely there for any role, that is amazing and, even though he’s not at his hottest potential when he looks close to death, he’s still weirdly hot.

There aren’t many actors I can say that about, as I sit here and watch Batman Begins. Honestly who ever decided to bring Batman back made a wise decision when selecting Bale as the main character!  Even though this guy is semi perfect there is but one flaw, when Mr. Bale is doing his American accent it almost seems like he has something in his mouth prohibiting him from talking more clearly. But really that’s nothing, and it’s not annoying or anything but noticable that’s all. I like to accept the people I think are pretty awesome with all of their flaws, of course.

Now don’t get me wrong the story of batman begins is pretty amazing.  But, if I only spoke of that I’d have to go on and on about all the parts I loved. as I stated in an earlier blog weekends are my time.

good day to you!


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One response to “my weekend post in a nut shell…..”

  1. MissPuke says :

    jack kelly and patrick bateman. he’s my perfect man! hahaha

    me and mandy always joke about how, when he talks, you can never see his bottom teeth and that’s a little unnerving.

    only flaw i’ve found. haha

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