I wasn’t going to do this but I feel compelled to….

Riots in Penn State from the selfish asshole fans, who disagree with the coach of Penn state,  Joe Paterno(the god according to them) getting fired. After witnessing a rape of a child, Mike McQueary told his superior Paterno in turn Paterno told his boss, as per protocol .  This all happened back in 2002 and guess what nothing was done, no authorities were contacted and if I were to make a guess here I’d say, that wasn’t the first time nor was it the last. SO where as I agree Paterno should be fired, I think the firing should have started with Joe Paterno’s boss.  They may not go to jail because the laws are so screwed up when it comes to child molestation or rape but they should most certainly lose their jobs. ESPECIALLY if their job involves working in a school setting, seriously what the fuck is wrong with people.  There are things that you follow protocol and then there are serious life ruining things you follow moral obligations. So guess what Penn State rioters (I refuse to call them protestors, they are nothing but hoodlums) get over Paterno getting fired, it needed to happen end of story.  When my child goes to college I want him to go to a fucking respectable school, the respect I had for this school is lost by the way they handled this situation plain and simple. If that includes a coach and his assistant getting fired (which is impossible there are labor laws) for reporting some sick fuck molesting or raping a fucking child more the better, at least I’ll feel safe with 18 year old going to that school!

The approach to this case  is ridiculous as I stated before everyone that knew about these lewd acts should be terminated on the spot. Curley and Schultz should be in jail as I’m writing this but sadly, they are not due to the fucked up way the laws are set up, they should be never allowed to work in a school setting or be allowed near children again.  When people come to you with this kind of information about a man you hired you need to contact the authorities, you are not the judge and jury just like I am not. You can have all the opinions you want on this matter like the ones I will be stating soon enough, but you can’t take the LAW into your own hands. That is exactly what Curely did, he was told information, Paterno was told from an eye-witness to the crime at hand and he did absolutely nothing. In so many ways that’s as bad as the act itself! Kids are coming forward and STILL Curely, Schultz and Sandusky are denying all allegations……..I’m speachless, I expect this from Sandusky but from the other two….I’m so mad I want to spit!

Sandusky should be castrated, it’s been proven that people who do these acts will do them again. Unless of course you drug them up so much that they have no sexual drive and even that isn’t fool proof considering we can’t even trust them to NOT molest again let alone trust them to take their medication daily.  I know people feel strongly about killing someone who has done this but I believe a worse punishment is castration. I don’t think I really need to explain that one either. A 9th victim has come forward now in his 20’s,  nine fucking kids.  Do you know what molestation does to a child, do you know what rape does to a human being?  it ruins them, forever, it’s not something you will EVER get over.  No amount of therapy, no amount of drug will ever let you forget any exact detail of what happened to you.  Even if that person is dead in the ground the scars will still remain, you learn to live with it, you get by, but your life is ruined.  Don’t get me wrong here, a lot of victims move on and have great lives, become fantastic parents, and don’t wind up slitting their wrist or become a delinquent. Trust is lost though, trust in humanity.

If you want to protest something, protest the laws, protest for the children. But don’t clog my news feed and television up with your pathetic bull shit of saving a coaches job. We all know you really just don’t want your fucking team to lose now that they no longer have “the best college coach in the state” but guess what your precious coach could’ve called the fucking cops and maybe less victims would have piled up! The crime that was witnessed was almost 10 years ago!!!  If you think it was only 9 you are sadly mistaken, Sandusky didn’t wait until his old age to start fucking children!

good day to you!


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