So, you don’t read huh…….

Watching Vampire Diaries, actually putting off making my new website.  And yes, vampire diaries is fucking good, never doubt me….If anyone knows teen drama it’s this girl.

So the website is from Hostbaby, I suggest you check them out pretty good rates and great customer service.  Pretty soon apocketfullofsunshine will be a .net.  I wish it were a .com but I’m impatient and didn’t feel like waiting a few months for to become available.  Dedication people that’s what I’m doing here, dedication!  I said I’d write a blog every weekday and I shall write this damn blog!

Moving on….Secret Circle up next.  I’m really into the supernatural stories incase you were like who the fuck is this bitch and why is she obsessed with teen supernatural drama.  Well, I’m a reader and like to consider my self a writer, you may disagree with these statements and well fuck you. I love to read, in fact I get a bit upset when I meet someone who doesn’t read. Audio books are good too, people just don’t have time to read. I’m probably going to start doing that soon with the kids getting older and what-not. I LOVE to read, it’s amazing how the human mind can transform you into a story just by reading a few words, imagination, it’s amazing to have such a great ability.  So when I hear someone say I just don’t have time to read, a little piece of me dies (again, audio is the same as reading to me at this point so don’t go thinking this is about you, it’s not.), and it kinda of pisses me off. Especially if they are arguing with me about, ANYTHING!

How on earth do you think you are going to win in any arguments with me, you aren’t exercising your brain, please! Please, don’t think for a second you know what you are talking about.  Because you probably don’t, this may come off snotty so I’m sorry in advanced. But, if you don’t read and think it’s dumb, chances are you don’t know how to comprehend. But don’t make reading out to be a bad thing by saying it’s dumb, reading is in fact not dumb. I suggest you get back to the basics, Dr. Seuss, I guarantee you will enjoy reading. If for some ungodly reason you don’t, well, I’m sorry you’re missing out.  You’re really missing out.

I had one girl before actually make fun of me for reading.  I’m not talking about when I was in school. I’m talking about when I was 30.  This girl was one of those “moms” who think that the way she raises her children is the best and only way, your way most definitely sucks. I honestly believe it’s because all of her friends put her on this fancy pedestal  when in reality she’s was mediocre at best.  Sometimes people mistake weird-looking as “beautiful” common mistake really but the outcome is truly ugly. Anywho, she was making fun of me so I asked her, is it because you have no imagination, or is it because you have a hard time comprehending things? her response was she had better things to do with her time, and that she was busy being a mom.  Yeah me-fucking-too but i guess along with being able to comprehend stories that involve imagination, I can also multitask it’s in my dna. I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog now about this topic if it wasn’t for her. So I guess I should probably thank her.  I honestly don’t care if people don’t read but , I do care however when you make fun of something you obviously know nothing about.  It’s called ignorance and I really hate it.  So to people like this person I have this to say, you’re being a bully. At this moment, right now, you are most likely feeling the way I felt when I was criticized for what I love to do. When I was made to feel less than adequate as a mother.  How does it feel? good? nope didn’t think so.

good day to you!



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3 responses to “So, you don’t read huh…….”

  1. MissPuke says :

    twinny, i swear to god.. i was walking around the house tonight, thinking of something to write about.. and fuck if i didn’t look at my bookshelf and think ‘people who don’t read’.


    the full moon was tonight, wasn’t it?

    our powers are heightened!

    ps.. you can see jupiter, too.

    pps.. or is it pss.. ?

    piss.. bloodlines is getting awesome. ❤ adrian.

  2. apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

    i know I saw jupiter last night amazing, venus a couple nights ago was bright as shit too:) that’s what i was saying this full moon in taurus was just awful. the build up i should say was awful the full moon i was actually in a great mood:)

  3. Svadhistana says :

    New poll on The Vampires Realm!
    Choose the best vampire themed teen movie!
    Over 100 votes already 😀 but guess what? They`re pretty tight!!!
    We await your word on it 😉

    Feel free to Subscribe / Like / Comment

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