Tomorrow’s full moon….

Call me crazy but when a full moon  is approaching shit gets CRAZY!  And I’m not talking your wife/husband yelling about the dishes left on the counter crazy. I’m talking bat shit crazy! People getting hurt left and right, lives ruined/lost, crazy ass arguments that on a normal day would not even be a fucking issue, etc……you get where I’m going with the crazy, if not you’re probably on the crazy train with the rest of us empaths.

It starts out slow…..about 4 days before the moon, you get this feeling this nauseating feeling, knots galore.  You don’t know what to do or what is going to happen. Then BAM the shit storm begins.  It’s starts out slow an argument here or there, you start questioning everything you are doing wrong but turning up empty.  Things break, moods switch at the drop of a hat. Then the depression begins….where did that come from you ask? I don’t fucking know but its there. So you question everything again, you think back to the past and everything that has led you to this point. All the things you would’ve done differently but that only makes you fall further down this hole.  This hole that you aren’t able to get the hell out of for about a week after the full moon has done it’s damage.

Now let me be clear here, not every full moon is this way.  Can you image if you had to go through this on top of having you cycle…..(if you are female, of course)? This full moon is just fucking awful though.  This is the worst one I’ve been through in months. I’m not liking it, I want it to end.  First off tension is at its highest causing me to be even more of a bitch, if that’s even possible.  Secondly, it really seems like nothing is going right, I’m completely hopeless in everything I do lately.  This blog for instance, I don’t even want to write it.  Not today, but I made a commitment and for fucking once I’m going to keep it!  So here it is folks, the raw, the rambling pathetic me.  Hope you’re digging it because there is more self loathing to be had today.

What can I say really, I feel less than great. And for me that sucks because well, I am pretty fucking great.  You may not agree and to you I say, fuck off!  I’m in no mood to hear your whining.  Perfect, however, I know I’m not.  I do try but alas, no one is perfect.  This week though something has struck a big chord with me.  Owning up to your fucking mistakes!

Yeah, you over there trying to pass the fucking buck, own up to YOUR fuck up, thanks.  It does no one any good to point the finger at someone just trying to do their job.  It’s not going to save your ass especially when you are finger pointing at your own people!  I know work is hard, the responsibilities are vast, which mean the likely hood of a screw up is inevitable.  I get it like I stated before no one is perfect.   You aren’t being judged by your perfection, you are being judged by your performance, and most importantly how happy our AWESOME customers are!  You take that finger and shove it right up your ass mister, without lube! Really, I’m embarrassed for you, because not only is what you’re doing not productive but you just look pathetic at this point.  We all get it dood, when something goes wrong in your department it’s everyone else’s fault, surprise surprise.  Good move, check and fucking mate!  I hear the oven is a good solid way to go, maybe check it out?  NO…..aww that’s a fucking shame, douche rocket!

SO really what I need from this week, from the full fucking moon is this, a fucking break already. YOU  HEAR ME !!!! I need a break from the crazy!


good day to you!



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One response to “Tomorrow’s full moon….”

  1. davidwallacefleming says :

    I will tell the Moon to ‘step off!”

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