Prescription drugs…..

Seriously I don’t give a shit if Michael Jackson’s doctor was found guilty and is now serving time.  This dr. prescribed this man medicine, Jackson ingested the medicine or my bad allowed the doctor to inject him with it..  This medicine was not for cancer or a life threatening disease. This was for the precious fucking singer to get some fucking zzzzz. what’s keeping you up at night?  Those little boys you molested? Sure the doctor is responsible is it worthy to be on the news, is it more important than the protesting going on EVERYWHERE.   Do we really have to waste funds on this ridiculous trial while the doctor that killed my grandmother is now chief of surgery?  Yeah this is personal.

I don’t give a shit if this man was the king of pop, this is NOT news worthy to me.   I love how this world has so many fucking double standards surrounding money.  Because that is what this is all about, money.  If someone in my family got their dr. to prescribe them anything and they o.d. on it do you think their doctor would be on trial right now….No, no they fucking wouldn’t!  I’m so sick of people getting special treatment for their fame and money when it comes to important shit like health care!  Guess what everyone Heath Ledger fucking died because HE od’d,  same with Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, and Marilyn  Monroe.  Get over it, stop wasting my time, I just don’t care,  if you aren’t going to put every doctor on trial who has killed a  person and was aware what they were doing was wrong, I don’t want to fucking hear it. We can’t pick and choose when to care about a subject and when to say ehhh it’s just so and so who cares. As an adult, if you aren’t going to your dr. with the same bullshit to get some drugs, know the fucking risks!   If your doctor is prescribing you prescription medication use it responsibly idiots, you aren’t children. If you’re a doctor prescribing patients drugs just because they are asking for them then do us all a favor and kill yourself! You’re a disgrace to the profession and I’m not entirely sure how you got your PHD but I’m going to take a wild guess and say money had something to do with it. Why don’t doctors have to take a moral test, or undergo a pyschiatric test?

With all that being said I’m not for doctors getting away with murder, they do ALL the time. As I said before the doctor who didn’t tell my grandmother she has cancer when it was on all the charts he received and paperwork he processed(to save his ass), and she waited until she could no longer walk (because the cancer spread to her brain) to see another doctor because she trusted this doctor so much that she died because of it. If he can get off scott free with no penalties, no money to repay all the medical bills my grandfather got stuck with on top of losing his beloved wife at 56 years old, if that can happen I do NOT want to hear about these celebrity’s doctors on trial.  I’m sorry but I just fucking don’t want to hear it!

Really I’m sick of all these things being televised.  The Casey Anthony trial, really was that really all over the t.v. screen?  Thank you for making a pathetic excuse for a mom famous for getting away with murdering her child!  And if you think she’s innocent….yeah…and so was fucking o.j.! Not news worthy people, not news worthy.

Let me tell you what is news worthy, Americans in poverty due to big business, our government failing, a war we aren’t going to win.  These are the topics that need to be on the major new channels NOT Michael fucking Jackson’s doctor!

good day to you!


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