An annoyance over the weekend….

So I got into a one-sided intelligent debate over the weekend.  I’m sure you can figure out who was on the intelligent side of things. The debate was about our favorite subject in the media, Occupy.  A question was posed:

“What is this occupy all about, I don’t get it”

Naturally I answer this to the best of my ability because it’s about a lot of things but the main one being this. It’s about big corporations needing a regulation from our government and the occupy movement isn’t about solving things now it’s about awareness it’s about opening the lines for discussion on this issue.  The remarks back I received were very…how do I put this…oh yeah, fox news like.  To explain that in terms fox news people will understand, completely off the point, ignorant, full of lies aka talking shit. Here are some of the responses I got during that little debate, and i can’t even say debate because to debate you need to intelligent people which one was not.

“sorry to say sweetie, but your mortgage is through a bank”

First of all don’t fucking call me sweetie you ignorant ass. Second, it’s not technically my mortgage, and the loan we received was not from a company that was handing out mortgages to people who could not afford the house.  Secondly, I never said I’m against all big businesses, I’m against them having close to zero regulations to follow allowing them to over charge us and in turn us having to bail them out.

“Protesting is LAME

That right there is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard in my life.  Proof that some people are just too stupid to live, let alone procreate. Let’s go down the list of major protesting throughout history:

1. Northern europe in the early 16th century (protestant reformation)


3. The French Revolution

4. Haymarket Riot (good band by the way)

5. Martin Luther King’s march on washington for jobs and freedom

6. Stonewall riots

7. Women’s lib.

I mean the list can go on and on, really.  So why at this point am I still arguing with this fool.  Honestly, because a part of me can’t believe that someone would say things so fucking stupid just to prove their point, and I would really like the person I am arguing with to maybe take SOMETHING out of this conversation. Of course, that’s just wishful thinking on my part that humans aren’t all complete wastes.  Some aren’t I’m aware of this but this person, this person is such a god damn moron I wanted to bang my head against the wall and give up on humanity as a whole. And I’m persistent, I can’t let ANYONE get the last word in, it’s my weakness I know, I’m working on it, give me a break!

Then I get this, ” Well, I’m sorry but the only people protesting are the ones who have no jobs and aren’t paying taxes, you have to pay taxes!”

Number fucking one,  NEVER once said I didn’t want to pay taxes, no one protesting has said they didn’t want to pay taxes, we all HAVE to pay taxes. How else would roads get fixed, street lights and signs go up, bridges stay safe, public servants get paid. So why on earth would one even think Occupy is about not paying taxes, isn’t that a tea bagging…uhhh… I mean…tea party idea? Hell no I don’t think we shouldn’t pay taxes, I’m insulted they would even accuse me of such non-sense.  That right there is a person who is losing a debate, a person who doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about, a person who is obviously using this chance to argue with me over a blog post about facebook and young children I posted the last week.  We won’t go into what a bigot this person is because that would be petty and could  be taken as me stooping to their level. As for the no job comment you couldn’t be more wrong.  Majority of the people who are protesting aren’t there all day they are coming from their jobs, and the ones protesting aren’t the ones you always see at the picket lines, they work from their homes doing things via internet, calling congress men on the phone etc, getting the word out. they work as a fucking team which is something I’m sure this person knows nothing about!

Finally I get this statement from them, “Well, I’m happy with the way things are going, I have a house, a good job, and wonderful kids. I’m happy with the way things are, there will always be rich people and there will always be poor people that’s how it is, nothing is going to change that.”

Congratulations, you win the most self-absorbed person award, kudos! Well, I care about what happens to this country, I care about other people besides myself, I am trying to make this world a better place for everyone to live in including the new generation of children, my children. So what the fuck was the point of them arguing with me in the first place?  Looks like my above assumptions as to why was right.  But just for good measure I’ll through this tid bit of knowledge into the mix. After all not all of us have someone in the family to put a huge sum of money down on a house or someone to bail us out when we need them too in any way. (not that I don’t wish I did because I really do wish I had people like that in my family, and there have been times when my family has backed me up, or bailed me out of certain financial situations) But I will not act like the world is perfect because right at this time my life is “perfect”.

So according to recent revised government formula poverty is at an all time high, 49.1 million.  The percentage of people who are suffering the most are ages 65 and older due to rising Medicare premiums, deductibles and expenses for prescription drugs(national healthcare would’ve stopped this).  Second in line is 18-65 the working class due mostly to commuting cost and child care(because both mother and father have to work one or two jobs at a time, AND overtime. Another reason our kids are such a hot mess.

So good luck with your plush fucking life douchebag.  I hope one day your perfect life doesn’t come falling down….it probably will….

Needless to say this person was deleted from my life even though I could write countless blogs on what you should not do as a human with them as the main subject but it’s not worth it. My sanity is more important and I have no patience for stupidity.


Good day to you!


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4 responses to “An annoyance over the weekend….”

  1. Joanne says :

    This was something I was confused about…not that I didn’t think people should be protesting or any of the other idiot things you listed here that somebody asked. My question was, what are you trying to accomplish. During the 60’s and 70’s there was the main goal of stopping the war.

    A friend who was ARRESTED during Occupy Wall Street explained to me: It’s about getting people to wake up and realize how controlled we are by banks,etc. That you can do EVERYTHING right and STILL get the shaft. Her parents were a teacher and a cop. They saved there whole life to buy a nice house in a brand new development. The developer completely cut costs on materials, etc. to the point that EVERYONE in the development has foundation issues, where raw sewage comes into their basement. They all got together and complained. The developers inspected, said everything is good. Finally, they contracted for another company to fix everything. Then, the developers went bankrupt. The company that fixed the houses is now suing the owners of the houses for the cost of repairs, etc. They can’t sell the house now, as it is, it would be a legal nightmare. So her retired father with bad health is working again. THAT’S the America we are becoming. Where you can work hard, put your life on the line for your country, community, gov’t, etc. and it doesn’t matter. Banks and major corporations can screw over everyone in their paths and not be accountable.

    I would love for their to be a unified slogan for OCCUPY. Something like, Vote Independent or switch from these banks, to more independent banks or credit unions. Or even, Congress and Senate shouldn’t have pensions, but should be dependent on social security like everyone else. THEN we would have a lot more problem solving involved.

    I hope people take the opportunity to really look at their mortgage agreement, their bank agreement, etc. and make some wise decisions that DOESN’T reward a system that employs sketchy lawyers and massive political support. The only way to speak is with your pocketbook and your vote.

    • apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

      i think to occupy has various reason the reason i stated was one of the main ones, big business needs regulations. and on that token you’re right about those other reason yes as a nation we need to wake up and pay attention to what is going on with our money, and where our money is going and how it’s not benefiting us any longer to put it into a failed system. the whole point of occupy is to get this issues on the table, b/c they need to be discussed they need to be resolved. our country is going down the shitter, we are a falling nation and people really need to stop thinking about how good their lives are, or how okay their lives are and start thinking about the big picture. I guess that’s what i was really getting at with this post. the person who was arguing with me was a complete moron, and extremely selfish.

  2. jerry915 says :

    I think you both make valid points, but do us all a favor and get your asses back in the kitchen and finish cookin dinner.

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