so on the weekends….

I’m not going to write much since, well, I have a life.  At least until after the Holiday‘s.  Whom ever thought up these fucking holidays and placed them so close together is an asshole.  I’m fairly certain of that.  But I’m sure back in the day it was a good thing since there was literally NOTHING to do during the winter.  No one wants to clean up a bunch of suicides during the winter months due to cabin fever.  Hilarious movie….PAN CAKES!

Any who, on top of all the holidays the universe also played a very wicked joke on me.  BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!  Josh November 8th, Ryan November 18th, Maegan November 25th, Dad November 26th, Mom November 27th, Joe December 20th.  What the fuck, seriously. This is why I can never fully afford christmas and on top of everything else…..everything breaks during this time to so add repair cost on to the bill… sucks. Meanwhile some asshole just paid $1,500 on a fucking video game off ebay, that’s priorities right there, and too much money.

Back to the topic at hand, weekends.  They are fun time to really spend with my kids, friends and exended family.  I do wish I could spend more time with my sisters but I’m always too broke to travel far. It’s not so much the gas it’s all the other expenses that go along.  Tolls, food, fun things to go do, beer….hahaha priorities.  So, I already have my resolution in mind this year…….it’s a big one… that I’m not going to fuck up…..hopefully. I know you’re wondering what it is but tough shit you’ll have to wait. But the weekends are to spend with the people I love and that doesn’t include researching and typing out long ass blog posts sorry all but I’ll catch up with you on monday.

Have a good weekend:) and…..

Good day to you!






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oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

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