Autism at it’s finest

**disclaimer…..all the things you are about to read are not necessarily fact, this is a rant, get over it.**

I hear stories all the time that make me cry,  I watch t.v. and even those fake t.v. shows make me cry, I even read books and sometimes I tear up. But nothing like when there is even a mention of a kid with Autism.  I’m not necessarily crying out of sadness because yes, autism sucks, for the parents and for the children.  And if you are one of those people who think ‘how do you know? You don’t have it, the child might not think the way you do, have you see their art, what skills they have, its beautiful man’, to you I have two words for you, you’re dumb.  And here’s why:

A.  Any child can be affected by this, and there are some adults who are on the spectrum that don’t even know it. Why you ask, because we don’t know enough about it to pin point any major cause other than heredity? Let’s face it the families who have an autistic child usually have more than one with in their entire family tree. This however isn’t fact, it probably never will be because we don’t know enough about the human brain to even begin to pin point Autism.

U. You the person who has made the above assumption that autism is beautiful, you is sooo dumb.  My son struggles with autism daily and really it’s not his fault, it’s our fault.  Why, because in our country we have better things to do than put more money into autism research……BUT, you bet your ass we are pouring money into finding a cure for A.I.D.S.  yeah that’s right, the disease that you get from being a big whore and drug addict, or the disease you get from your mom being a big whore and most likely a drug addict.  Because guess what blood is tested now before transplanted, and everyone where’s gloves while messing with other people’s blood, and no one is dumb enough to put their bare ass hand in a bio hazard bag or container let alone pick up a dirty syringe. And someone please give out some fucking condoms to the poverty parts of the world because, damn, really no one has thought of this?! Chew on that! (I’d like to take this opportunity, before you get your panties in a bunch, that I will not stick my nose in the air at you if you have aids, I’m not afraid of you and I will still be your friend. Now gimme some of that money bitch my kid deserves more!)

T. To hell with modern medicine……ummmm no, I don’t want the same diseases to come back that we fought so hard to get rid of.  BUT, I do not agree with more than 2 shots per doctors visit!  Here’s an idea, stop loading these shots up with preservatives, allergies are out of hand anymore, everyone is allergic to EVERYTHING!  I don’t give a shit if you lose money in the deal , drug companies. I want a quality fucking product thanks, not one that could cause death for my child.  I grew this child for 9 fucking months who are you to decide how many and how far apart my child’s vaccines should be?

I. I’m a parent and honestly my “normal” children give me more issues than my Autistic child, BUT, he does have a special dietary need, he still isn’t fully potty trained, and I still play guessing games on what is making him upset, or stem.  It’s not easy by all means, yes my son is a very artistic child, he creates music, he paints, he draws, he a master of all technology, and he excels in math.  Which is something I fail miserably at. But he can not tell me, rationally, why he is mad that he can’t have more computer time. He can’t understand why he has to make eye contact with me when I’m talking to him. These are important fucking things people!  My son has to be prompted in order to tell me he LOVES ME! So fuck off, with your ignorant statements, MAN!

S.  Sorry but my son struggles daily with his feelings, they are overwhelming at times. And when you have autism (there are so many different forms) and you can not tell your parents even the simple things like my stomach hurts…. you bet your ass that can get frustrating.  Who wants to deal with that?  DO you think my son does?!?!? NO, I’m sure he’d like to come up to me and say “Yo mom, I feel like poop I’m not going to school.” Or, “Hey mom, I’m about to throw up please don’t make me eat this food I’m sick take my temperature for christ sakes!”  Or this, “Mom, I broke something banging my elbow on the table when I couldn’t express myself about not wanting to read that word 20 more times.”  You know when I discovered my son broke his elbow…..2 fucking days after it happened, what’s beautiful about that!?!

M.  My son is phenomenal don’t get me wrong in any of this.  He’s a heart breaker I tell you, mark my fucking words, the ladies already want some of him can you imagine what it’s going to be like when he’s mature?!  Maybe not the way your sick ass mind is thinking, get your mind out of the gutter you pervs…..  Anyway, I don’t have any doubt my child will excel in life after he learns how to deal with his autism, after he learns how to communicate properly.  Nope, not one doubt, but until he does it will be a long up hill battle. So don’t glorify the wonders of Autism, and in the same breath don’t act like it’s the end of the fucking world. Be lucky your child is healthy in every other way because it could be much worse.


Back to the story that made me tear up at work.  This along with other stories I heard over the past year now has given me a lot of hope.  Senior Jason McElwain a manager (glorified name for a water boy in high school)  was allowed told to where his team’s uniform for a game one night. During the last four minutes of the game he was told to get on the court.  After missing only 2 shots he made a total of six 3 point shots, and a 2 pointer shot at the end for a 20 point lead, winning that night’s game! Click the link and watch the mother fucking video you WILL cry!  This is such an amazing accomplishment, these are the stories that parents of children with Autism want to hear!  Go Jason, you are an inspiration for us all!

Good day to you!


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2 responses to “Autism at it’s finest”

  1. Misspuke says :

    While I like the idea of more funding for autism research and whatnot, I have to be honest with you… What you said about aids kind of offended me.
    Not everyone who is HIV positive got it from being a drug addict or whore. Some people got it from trusting an asshole and having unprotected sex.. Doesn’t mean shes a whore. You can get it from an accident, like when my dad accidentally poked himself with a dirty needle at work. Or, if you live in Africa, chances are you’ll get it as a child.. A child who is neither a drug addict or whore.

    I know this blog was about autism, and you know I support autism awareness.. But those comments about aids really got to me.

  2. apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

    what I was getting at is there shouldn’t be a top do in funding, the three biggest problems we need research for is cancer, autism, and aids. i think we can all agree, one of those 3 shouldn’t get more money than the other. I mean with money they have discovered how to prevent aids, have they done that for cancer or autism yet…nope…and why because one fund always gets more money than the other.

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