Damn you facebook

I’m sure you’re wondering why my children, pictured above, trick or treating, has anything to do with  this facebook rant.   Keep reading and you’ll find out. Children ranging in age from 9 to 5……Do these children look like they need to be on facebook?  Do these children look like they need to have online friends yet?

NO, no they fucking don’t…so why are kids on facebook under the age of 15 let alone under the age of 13?  In fact, why are kids on facebook under the age of 18?!  As a parent I realize the importance of making “REAL” friends, as a parent I understand the importance of kids going out and talking to these real friends/hanging out with these real friends…..And, as a parent I understand the importance of technology.  I do not deprive my children of the internet, I do not deprive them of video games but, you bet your ass they will not be on fucking facebook until I feel they are mature enough to handle a social network. Apparently majority of these parents think it’s okay to lie for their children to get them on faceboook. The reason there is a age restriction on facebook is because kids are too immature to handle a social fucking network ,hence, cyber bullying, and let’s not forget suicide due to the cyber bullying.  So why is this not a law, I mean at least wait until they’ve hit puberty parents, what the fuck!

I don’t care what some ten year old has to say on facebook, what life lessons are they going to teach me?  What wisdom do they possess that I don’t?  I mean really, think about it, do you want some fucking CHILD telling you that you’re wrong on facebook about ANY topic?  Let’s take this topic for instance…..POLITICS! Yeah, I get it they may have some good ideas, not enough ideas to even begin to form an opinion who whose party is the better party that’s for damn sure and here’s why, they aren’t old enough to have a job, pay taxes, or support a family; so WHY are they telling me that MY party is the wrong party.  I’m not even as loyal to my party as these little brats are loyal to their PARENTS party, which, they know NOTHING about!  Nothing burns me more than a fucking brat talking to me like they know more about life than I do! Maybe it’s my old age, or maybe it’s because I make it a point to read up on things, feed my brain and not just listen to rumors or maybe, it’s because they are too young to be telling me how life is!

So why are there 7.5 million children on facebook under 13 years old?!  Seriously, parents get some fucking control of your hellions.  I’m sure you can find something better to do with your children, and if you are like me who finds it hard to make enough time for everyone in your life in a day, get them into a hobby when I was younger than 13 I read, I colored, I hung out with my mom-mom watching family t.v. at night ummm hi GODLEN GIRLS!!!!! I joined clubs to spend more time with my friends, I didn’t sit in front of a monitor and talk to my cyber buddies!

I personally will not accept a friendship from even my closet friends’ daughter or son under the age of 18, family, of course, I have a double standard under 13 however first standard applies.  It’s the fucking principal! That and I don’t want to be lumped in as a pedofile, I mean that should be obvious. As a parent you should be thinking about your child’s well-being. You are not if you allow them to be on facebook under the age of  15, end of story.

good day to you!

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