Copy Right means……

Someone has taken the time and funds to call something their own, that’s copyright.  So when you send me art that has a copy righted image, and I fail it don’t call me up and yell at me because you can’t use someone else’s image.  Were you allowed to copy directly out of the book in school?  Are you allowed to take an image of George Jetson and put it on anything that you will be selling?   Would it be cool if someone used your picture on their cd without your permission?


So why do people think it’s okay to put copy righted images on their cd art?  Tweety was the example i was told on the phone” well, why can everyone have tweety bird all over their stuff then?” I’ll tell you why sir, because they FUCKING paid for it.  Kinda like what you have to do in order to use a copy righted image!  Don’t keep me on the phone with your non-sense and make me out to be the bad “parent” for not letting you get what you want.  Why is this policy you ask?  Well, I know how “thug life” you are but sir, I am NOT okay with paying up to  $150,000 and possibly jail time for your stupidity and mine for allowing it to pass.  Sorry but I take my job pretty seriously because I have a family to feed and a mortgage. I know how hard it must be for you to process such a simple concept that is laid out on our website.


“Well, I’ll just take it somewhere else and they will print it for me.  Ummmmm…, they probably won’t, and if they do they will eventually get caught like yourself and you’ll both bond in the shower at your local prison! Congratulations you’re an idiot.

good day to you!


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