a reflection

Along with being extra lazy on sunday’s I also tend to reflect on my weekend ventures. Which only leads to sorrow that it is indeed Sunday and tomorrow is Monday, starting a new work week.  I’m convinced if I had to go to work daily and not be able to converse with fellow employees, and  occasionally listen to music on my headphones while working on some art I’d go insane. So thankfully I chose a job where I can do all those things while still making sure we have repeat customers. Fanatically some call it, fanatical customer service with some graphic design mixed in.

Any who, my reflection…….

This weekend was pretty awesome and also reminded me that I don’t like to drink much, if at all.  Sure if you’re making me a drink that’s sweet I’ll drink that shit. It tastes good in fact it tastes so good that I will not know when I’ve reached my limit.  Now I have never been that sloppy girl drunk. I’m not the girl who hangs all over you, or flirts with your man when I’m seeing everything in doubles, possibly triples.  But, I am the girl who will tell you the complete truth. So far no one has hated me for it so I must be pretty honest all the time.

Anyway, I was feeling good hanging out with my twin on her birthday. Playing halo, DYING, playing more halo (leveling up), outside trips, taking pictures, playing even more halo, taking even more pictures, laughing so hard there are tears running down my face, and finally playing more halo. Which make me reflect on how awesome all the people I have in my life are. I think we all do a damn good job of making each other feel special, even the ones who couldn’t make it.  I mean we are pretty lucky really, most people never really figure out good company.  Sure it’s probably taken me at least 28 years or more to figure out the good ones in my life, But the ones that are here now and I know will be possibly until I die are pretty fucking awesome.

And now I’m home, my husband is on the couch watching football while I sit here and blog.  The boys are playing together in the other room and the house is clean. After I’m finished, we’ll watch saturday night live (dvr’d), life is pretty fucking sweet!


Happy sunday everyone, and good day to you!


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oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

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