Food Snobs, beware.

First off, I’d like to thank Mike Wojtaszek for the blog idea and the example.

Have you ever run into that person (you know the person I’m talking about), the one who is too good for fast food but on occasion will eat burger king or mc donalds. Hell, even taco bell when they are drunk. But on a normal day, sober, they are too good for all of those places.

“That new mexican place that opened up is great! Really authentic, not like don pablo’s or chi chis”

FIRST OFF, chi chi’s was fucking good as shit.  So what if they had cockroaches crawling along the booths while you were eating.  Do you think that shit doesn’t happen in mexico?!? Do you think the cook is straight from mexico?  I bet he’s not.

“Ew, red lobster. that’s not a real sea food place that’s a chain, its gross!

No, no its not gross. Have you eaten their fucking biscuits? Obviously not!  I’m from Baltimore and I will eat me some red lobster, it’s good shit! I am however a snob about crabs, no you don’t clean a crab before you steam it, what the fuck is that?  you’re ruining the natural flavor of such a glorious creäture.  No, you don’t butter the blue claw crab up, that’s gross!  Stop doing that, it’s wrong and you’re making me feel sorry the crabs had to die for you to ruin them with your artery clogging agent. Oh and old bay can not be replaced, you can not make it better, stop trying.

To you authentic people….what the hell do you know about authentic.  Do you travel to these countries, eat their food then come back and compare. Now i know some of you do travel and can come back and honestly say a restaurant is authentic or not, but the average person I’m speaking of probably hasn’t left their state let alone the country. To those people I call you out, you are not a food critic and better yet you are not my taste buds.  I will spend $100 less on my chain restaurants thank you. You fucking snobs!

On a different note I am picky about pizza places, I LOVE pizza with all of my heart.  I can not eat dominos, pizza hut, or papa johns any more.  My only reason is I get so fucking thirsty after I eat them that I wind up drinking an entire 2 liter of soda, and I love salt but come on you don’t have to add an entire salt lick to a large pizza.  AND papa johns why is your sauce sweet, it’s gross, so very gross!

So to all you food snobs: get off your high horse, all those chains started out independent and “authentic”. Really I’m so sick of these know-it-alls, get over yourselves please.

good day to you.


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One response to “Food Snobs, beware.”

  1. Los Pantelones says :

    Actually, I heard that Papa Johns was put together by the same guy who put together the Sex Pistols.

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