True Horror

Today on the road was a true horror show.  It’s rain, people, not a typhoon.  You don’t have to either a) 75 in a 35 or b) 25 in a 50.  Can’t we find a happy medium?  And jesus, people, when the light is GREEN, fucking GO!

Last night was yet another amazing episode of American Horror, on FX. Which brings me to my topic today:  What would you do when faced with true horror? If you were say, i don’t know, looking to buy a home and you found out during the process that your house was haunted, or there were a series of murders and just bad happenings, would you move in?  Or would you walk away?

There might be some part of me that wants to move in. Yeah, the 20% part that wants to fix up the house. Like having a doll house but never actually living in the house. Because seriously, NO, I do not want to find myself  lighting fucking fires NAKED in my sleep! I may visit (during the day) for about 5 minutes, outside.

Okay, I would go in ONE TIME! That would be enough for me.  To actually live there is quite another terrible scary thing that I know my heart would not be able to take. Can you image talking to someone who you know is there. (but isn’t) Everyone sees these people. I’ve heard horror stories of people moving into a house that is so goddamn old that they actually hear moaning or crying at night. Babies crying, footsteps, doors slamming.  You don’t have yourself a regular, just roaming around, ghost; you’ve got yourself a full blown poltergiest . Sorry sweetie, it’s time to move.  And hell no, I would not wait to sell that house. I’d get an apartment and let that shit foreclose. After living there, I think i’d rent for the rest of my life.

And on topic of scary movies in houses, why does every family try to stick it out?  What are you gaining?  These ghosts are angry as shit, you WILL NOT be solving their problems. They are either bored as shit and are amused by your fear, or they are just fucking evil! So get the hell out already.  But ya know what, stay so I can watch a movie about it later. Yeah, I’m that selfish. My train of thought when I’m watching this type of movie is this: I know what the hell you’re going to do.  You’re going to stick around, act like you can fix this and in the end you are totally fucked. Congratulations, you’re an idiot. But thank you for the entertainment.

Now, the occasional ghost is one thing.  Maybe they genuinely want to tell you something, and maybe you should listen.  But an evil ghost is not one to mess with. Let alone, generations of troubled souls. The only thing I get out of anyone who wants to live in these houses or situations has either a death wish or really, really enjoys the thrill. I get it I wish I had the huge balls you possess. Because i’m a huge wuss about this. Again, I do enjoys a good psychological thriller. So kudos American Horror Story!

And good day to you all.


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14 responses to “True Horror”

  1. Rod Swelling says :

    You ever watch that show “Psychic Kids”? It’s interesting and these kids who are empathic to spirits and their presence are extremely well versed and mature for their ages. Also known as “Indigo Children”, they have the ability to see, communicate, and feel the presence of spirits who are trapped in certain places and need help crossing over. If you get a chance, try and watch an episode if it’s on! Good stuff! 😉

  2. apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

    I have seen it, and although i do think it’s awesome to have that ability i woud also like the ability to escape from it. turn it off if you will. have you clicked on the hyper links they are pretty awesome.

  3. MissPuke says :

    american horror story is so good!!

    and I would totally live in a haunted house. For serious.

  4. Joanne says :

    It cracks me up that in every case of a Haunting, the parents never believe the children. Hey, if my kid tells me a man is visiting him at night and telling him he should kill everyone—I’m going to fucking listen. Not say, oh, you crazy kid with your fantasies. wtf??!

  5. grizzlymantis says :

    When my brother and myself moved into the house we spent pretty much all of our childhood in the little girl who was currently living there told us the mice who lived in the house would open up her eyes when she was sleeping and would talk to her. That crazy little bitch fucked me up for a moment.

  6. Lisa says :

    I couldn’t live in a haunted house, but I love visiting places that are supposed to be haunted ( not alone though, lol). That being said, American Horror Story is fast becoming one of my favorite shows.

  7. amanda says :

    I would totally live in a real haunted house. Not like our house, which has two annoying child ghosts, who hide stuff and wake you up by flicking your ears. Boring . . .

  8. Weh, eh weh! says :

    Totally went to the wrong blog and posted $#%^. Lol.

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