I’m not a vegetarian, but……


In Zanesville, Ohio this week Terry Thompson decided it would be a fantastic idea to set free his exotic animals; 62 cages were opened to be exact. Terry did do the honorable thing in my book which was to kill himself. It would’ve been a lot easier if you just committed suicide before you even had those animals in your possession you sick fuck!  I’m not going to get all peta on everyone right now but my god, really?  Who allows a person to even own a wild animal?  This has been going on since 2004 in zanesville ohio, really you haven’t gotten a handle on it, Zanesville police? REALLY?! When you’ve gotten 35 calls of complaints over the last 7 years about a man who owned over 50 wild animals, you went out to inspect the proper many times and what, you didn’t find them? Were they hidden under that invisibility blanket?  It’s okay to have a zoo with out permits?  It’s okay to own an animal whose natural habitat is a FUCKING JUNGLE, or African plains or a fucking forrest and not OHIO……really?!?!?  As a public servant such as the police or the fucking government in OHIO, why did you not go in and remove the animals and ban this man from even owning a fucking fish!

What bothers me the most about this is how 48 of the animals including  Bengal Tigers had to be “put down”. First off, they were not put down, they were murdered!  One tiger in particular was shot with tranquilizers and the cat freaked out, NO FUCKING SHIT! That’s what the animals do for a bit then they pass the fuck out.  You don’t kill them because they didn’t calm down within 10 seconds. Yeah that’s right TEN SECONDS! Wait, here’s an idea: if he’s still freaking out after 2 minutes shoot him with another tranquilizer then get the fuck out of his way.  I’m sorry people at this point I don’t give two shits about your well-being. You let this shit go on, you best get out of the fucking way until that tiger is knocked out.  You don’t KILL an endangered animal!!!!!! It’s your fault this tiger was in the situation he was in.  The death toll including 18 rare Bengal tigers, 17 lions, eight bears, three leopards, a grizzly bear and two monkeys were caught and taken to a zoo in Columbus, 55 miles away.’ Yeah, it sucks that the police had to make that decision to hunt these animals. Oh wait, no it doesn’t because THEY could’ve prevented this in the first place. So thank you John Kasich, and people like you for being so self consumed with money and power that you allowed a statewide ban on the trade of exotic pets to expire. How do we trust these assholes with our government, OUR MONEY if we can’t even trust them with our lives, or any living things. Isn’t there a place for people like that…..I’m pretty sure it’s called jail. And now you’re going to announce that state lawmakers should CONSIDER tougher laws. What the fuck?!

I am just so sick of these assholes who think they have the right to own whatever they want. Hell, if we let them, they’d probably own slaves again! What puts a human on a higher pedestal than an animal? Like I said in the title of this, I’m not a vegetarian, I enjoy meat.  I understand the circle of life and all that, I understand over population. I do not, and will never understand hunting for sport. It’s disgusting, its childish (hell, my child doesn’t even agree with it) it’s barbaric and finally, it’s not necessary. It’s us humans puffing our chest out and saying “look at me. i’m tough, I’m better than you”.  Um no we are not.

To me we are a bunch of roaches on the earth sucking it dry. Scavengers trying to rule the world.  What makes us so different from the average, oh I don’t know, bear?  But we have morals, yo!  They don’t?  Have you ever spoken to a bear before? No?! Well, neither have I. How the hell do we know what their morals are?  Hell, we barely know what ours are anymore! We’re smarter? Are we, are we really? Is it smart to drill for oil in the FUCKING ocean……no…is it smart to let people starve when a person can own 5 houses…i don’t think so.

Let’s take a look at the elephant.  Talk about strict parenting, they aren’t even allowed to have sex until they are 25!  I know ALL of you out there reading this had sex WAY before 25! They mourn their dead, they have grave yards. Elephants who have never travelled with an elephant that died in that grave yard will stop and mourn, during their travels.  They,  like other animals  take in orphans. Didn’t you mother fuckers watch the jungle book?!?!  Okay, okay that was a cartoon.  But you get my point, we are not supreme, get it? ….good.

So STOP owning wild fucking animals you idiots.  They have no place in your shitty apartment, your runned down trailer, or your fucking compound! You want something to love, something to show off, something to make you feel good about your life while helping their lives? Adopt a fucking human child! Give some money to the third world country. In fact go over there and hand out FUCKING condoms for christ sakes.If you’re hell bent on helping out wild animals, shell out cash for the foundations that are already established.  I mean I don’t really have much room to talk  but, we need to stop having litters, we aren’t cats. YOU HEAR ME DUGGAR‘s!!!!! Stop breading assholes!

Good day to you all!


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