Here’s to you Jane Doe…..

What’s the first thing you look for when looking up an actor or actress (besides the name)?  I don’t know about you but for me it’s their age.  Not that I’m going to get all judgy about that, because that would be stupid.  I am not stupid.  I like to know how old the individual is that I’m admiring on-screen.  I’m not looking up the actors or actresses that I find mediocre at best.

The reason I bring this up is because this  Jane Doe case was on my internet browsing I do nightly. (click the link if you wish to not be in the dark about what the hell I’m talking about) Are you serious Jane Doe, you are suing IMDB because your age was posted on their site?  That to me is so utterly ridiculous that I wish I could take back the 2 minutes it took me to read that article.  Do you think I care what your age is?  I’m not judging you on your age, I’m judging you based on performance. The age is just somethign i like to know call it an o.c.d. of mine (don’t judge me)  Do you think I’m not going to see a movie because Betty White is the star.  Hell no, I’m watching that shit. It can suck so bad that I could wish at that time I was blind and deaf. But I’ll fucking watch it, why…Because she’s funny as hell, and she’s good entertainment.  Who doesn’t like the golden girls, really , WHO?!?!?!

Okay, maybe that last one was all me.  It’s a treasured memory of mine. One day when I go in dept about ME, but we’ll save that for another day.

Back to Jane Doe, Why am I calling her that, click on the above link jackass, she’s so embarrassed that she was ‘outed’ about her, I’m almost 40 age, that she couldn’t bear for the courts to see her face let alone know her name!  And this is the BEST part she’s suing for 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Hmmm, I guess we all know who isn’t making money in the acting world.

Maybe it’s not your age you should worry about? Maybe you should worry about your lack of necessary talent to become a star in this world? To sue a company for posting facts about who you are, when you CHOSE the spot light is disgusting!  In fact, if I ever find out who this Jane Doe is I will not watch any movie she is in. And listen up you vain, self-absorbed “c” word; it’s not about your fucking age!

I want 1 million dollars, and if I were to go about getting it the way you did, that would be “unfair, immoral and unscrupulous”.  What is with people and these definitions they bend them suite their own needs. Is it to make others believe you are smart?

What’s UNFAIR is how much money you are going to get for this ridiculous case.  Unfair, is how I have to pay for the judge and jury to sit in, on this ridiculous case.

Immoral, since when is it immoral to know a person age?  Stop lying!!!! We all age, you did not find some mysterious potion to keep you from aging.  It’s impossible, even if you were IMMORTAL you still age in years.  If you look good who the hell cares?  If you don’t I’m sorry but that’s life, get over it.

Unscrupulous means basically the  same damn thing as immoral. Are we using synonyms now to make our cases sound legit?  Are we all taking advice from Sandy Nunes?  It is honestly  fair that your age was posted (on a well known web site) for the average fan to learn more info on you, instead up picking up a magazine or waiting for your E true hollywood story.  Oh wait, you’ll probably never make it that far. Who knows maybe you will we tend to watch pure shit on television anymore.  I’m guilty of it, I love it, give me more!

Come on people!  This whole suing business (yes, it’s a business now) is getting WAY out of hand. New rule, I only want to hear about another case that involves suing someone if it involves a legitimate claim.

Good day to you!


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