The difference between this generation……

really, this is still happening

It’s things like the above link that really piss me off. And I’m sure faux news will jump all over the internet age, and I agree to some extend. Internet muscles aside though really, what the fuck are you parents teaching your children.  I mean really as a parent, in the 21st century , why are our children more hateful than ever?

I didn’t forget what it was like to grow up around people who you weren’t friends with because you were “different”. And guess what…people were gay, we had cutters, we had atheist, we had the misunderstood. yeah we were all the freaks but we survived. you know why? Because somehow, some way ,our not so P.C. parents taught us these simple phrases “Treat others the way you want like to be treated” and “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”  Oh and for christ sakes stop staring!

So, what are we doing wrong people?

Why does my child go to school and get picked on by your little prick of a son?  Why does he hate being referred to Justin Bieber so damn much well, I can’t blame him). Oh, that’s right, because your AWESOME parental skills taught your son to hate kind boys like mine, caring giving children, that are quiet during class because they enjoy learning, that still love their mom and aren’t afraid to tell people (because guess what their mom is pretty freaking awesome and will NOT take the amount of shit my sons have to endure from your douche in training).

Maybe this is part of growing up, but I know where I went wrong as a kid, I would’ve flown under the radar if I wanted. But I made the choice I said F.U. to the stereo types and did things on my terms. And sure there were a lot of people who didn’t like it. Hell, I have family members who don’t like my mind of my own.  But, I just don’t care, and maybe that’s what our kids lack today.

We try to make them conform, to what, this stupid mold we brilliantly decided was fit. The mold that remains P.C. as an adult but let’s our children take out our hate for whatever we hate in this world out on other children.  And we are okay with this….REALLY?!

Yes my child will stick up for himself, yes what I tell my child differs from what the school has to follow.  If your child touches my child and there isn’t a teacher around MY CHILD will not, not fight back. my child will know it’s okay to defend himself, and he will know it’s OKAY to tell me and I will gladly be at your fucking doorstep ready for a goddamned explanation! And if I find out any of my children have a blog like the above, and I WILL find out before it gets too far, you bet your ass I will find out who is responsible and you will deal with me!

And maybe you disagree with me,

” no Chrissy, that’s just violence with violence, tell them to just walk away.”

Yeah, well who’s going to be the one who stands up and stick up for my child, who has his back?  Have you taught your children like I have?  Have you really taught your child that we are all living beings no matter what our preferences are, no matter if we have fur or wings, or prefer the same-sex to the opposite, that it’s okay to not look like a stick , that it’s okay to be different from the norm.  After all aren’t the ones who are different, have a little some extra, the ones we most respect in the end?

Now I can’t put all the blame on the parents. (and this is where I rant about society and our government, and how we’ll go full circle as to us as humans in general) Maybe just maybe, we could have a bit more stability.  I’m talking normal schedules, better pay, yada yada.  Maybe that’s a reason.  But as a parent who has worked the night shift went on to the day shift while her husband and father of her children stayed on the night shift.  If we can turn our children into normal ass humans, there has to be some truth in my earlier statements. But on the off-chance (which I’m betting on in most cases) You just don’t have time to juggle everything, be you’re a single mom, or a mother in the same situation as i am. (I’m just  an awesome super mom, with my partner in crime super dad) I am in no way placing any discredit on you.  I know how hard it is, raising children is the hardest thing you’ll ever do besides birth. So I’ll offer advice, multitask, run yourself thin, don’t forget about you, but if you can’t fit the time in OH FUCKING WELL! You should’ve thought about that one before you had children.

I’m hoping really soon, i stop seeing those post on my Facebook about yet another suicide, and not just due to depression but to BULLYING. Can we all just grow the fuck up and teach our children how to behave in society, and compassionate society, and a who the fuck care society, who i am sleeping with, or what clothes i wear.

Or is this wishful thinking…..Are we are really doomed in the end?  Only the strongest survive, what is the definition of strong in your house?

Good day to you!


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One response to “The difference between this generation……”

  1. Rod Swelling says :

    If only we all had unicorns to ride on to the other side of the universe…

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