Who can prove me wrong? I’m quite sure you can’t…..

Ahhh it’s poetry day, and friday.  Today is the day we get to read awesome poems from awesome people.  And i know most people who aren’t involved in the family/friends that are in our group think wow that’s really lame. a poetry group, wtf.  Well let me say this, we are awesome, you’re wrong.

This weeks assignment was supernatural happens in our life, not made up.  Now if you don’t believe in any of that stuff and think it’s just some silly person with crazy ideas thinking this stuff can happen, i say PROVE ME WRONG!  you can’t it’s impossible. when i say something happens in my dreams, or i saw something out of the corner of my idea i dare you to tell me i’m wrong. really how would you know, how would you fucking know, you don’t so shut it!

Supernatural things happen to me quite often, it’s every day stuff for me.  I’m very much in tune with emotions, and can know how the day is going to go by the vibe i get when i first open my eyes that morning.  I also have crazy ass dreams like the night before:  So i’m in a room with my children, and we are about to fall asleep. I tell them to sleep on the bottom bunk while i sleep on the top. well, much like real life while i was sleeping (in my dream) they ended up on the top bunk with me. as i woke up to them screaming for my help i noticed that we were some how in a glass maze on the top bunk (it a dream, it doesn’t have to make sense) as i was making my way to them glass would appear behind me closing me in, preventing me from escaping.  I got them out and told them go back to bed, they did. as i tried to escape the escape was much more narrow, almost impossible. luckily i found an out and took it.  as i gathered the kids who were already by the door, i got them out but as i was about to leave i turned back for a moment of cockiness to say, fuck you to the asshole spirit that was doing this to us.  That’s when a force i have never felt before in any dream occurred, what seems to be a giant invisible hand grabbed me and yanked me back into the glass casing.  now where as this would be a horrid dream for the average person who can not control their own dreams i have a slight advantage. Since i am well versed on these dreams and how awful they can be at time, or foretelling. i can control exactly what happens for the most part.  since i did not like where this dream was going i snapped out of it and began to fly.  and that’s where the dream ended, now i know you’re wondering why i just told you a strange dream. this is why, i have NEVER felt anything like that in my dreams or real life. it was so scary and uncontrollable i really never want it to happen again.  BUT, at the same time it was cool as hell.

Now other dreams like this occur for me, one that is reoccurring is a dream where i’m a leader of a revolution, but not by choice.  i have a spirit guide in this dream which is a black panther, i see this often this dream occurs at least 5 times a year for me.  it’s always the same thing in a house, in the basement, ready to fight.  the panther paces and gives me the look, this look means we are ready and she will be there for us.  and i’m calm, ready for battle because i know we will win.

You’re probably saying to yourself what the fuck does this have to do with supernatural? i believe dreams often tell you things that will happen, it doesn’t mean the entire dream will turn out exactly in real life. but things like car accidents, a lose of anything including life, or a dream of back stabbing etc, is foretelling. And again, try to prove me wrong. And everyone is capable of this ability i’m sure. it’s just that some of us are more open minded.

I’ve also been able to make people pay lately.  it’s hard to explain but it’s like i can speed up karma. iv’e been in situation where someone has made me so made that i will literally think of them hitting their head, or tripping, or something spilling on them in that moment and bam it happens, maybe it’s coincidence, who knows but i love it.

A feeling you have when your standing by a window when it’s pitch black outside, and you are afraid to look in fear you’ll see a face of a child, a woman, a man, whatever. those feeling means something to me, or maybe you don’t get those feelings and i do because i know i’m capable of so much more than normal mundane humane abilities. The feeling that something is going to happen to a person good or bad that come true isn’t always coincidence.


good day to you all!


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One response to “Who can prove me wrong? I’m quite sure you can’t…..”

  1. Rod Swelling says :

    Word life yo! 🙂

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