It’s people like Sandy Nunes…..

“We have to stick together with this,” said Sandy Nunes. “We have compassion for people who are sick, but we also have to have compassion for ourselves as well.”

What does that even mean Sandy?  I mean really let us break this down.

We have compassion for people who are sick (just not enough to help ease your pain, you must suffer for not wanting to get addicted to the narcotics the dr. will give you, you can’t use anything natural)

But we also have to have compassion for ourselves as well (WHAT?!?!?)

I’m struggling here to understand the full meaning behind this one sentence.  Are you saying, Sandy, that the compassion for ourselves out weighs those who are suffering in pain from an illness that will eventually kill them, or cause them to lose all motor function, or even go blind, while we remain healthy? Are you doubting the people with children to not guide them in the direction of not using drugs?  Or are you just so stupid that you didn’t realize that those other people you have compassion for ( THAT live in your town who are suffering) would be getting stuff from the said grow house and in turn giving you more money for the shitty chocolates you are selling on MY MAIN STREET!  Well, thank you Sandy for making it incredible easy for me to A. not ever buy a single thing from you or your store, and B. making it abundantly clear to boycott you in general.

Oh and Sandy one last thing, Maple Shade is not a bubble, there is not an invisible force field that protects our lands from cancer, or M.S., or glaucoma(or other towns)…..there are people in your town that could benefit from it and in turn brought more money to our town! But now, thanks to you and your infinite wisdom (of pure shit), other towns will okay these grow houses and they will reap the benefits.  So, thank you again for another hand in ruining our great town and our country!

Now my anger turns to myself and everyone who is like me and believe me there are far too many like me.  Listen up people who didn’t go to the hearing last night in maple shade (including me) get your lazy asses off the fucking couch and make a god damn difference.  Our parents generation aren’t doing what they promised, they are still buying into this business plan that was laid out for us by our government. They are the alcoholics, they are the one who all turned corporate, they do not have our best interests in mind(maybe your parents do, readers, but majority don’t).  It is up to us, Generation X to fix these problems.  I have no doubt in my mind that we can but i am worried that we are settling in our roles and forgetting what it means to fight for a causes we believe will help mankind.  Don’t lose the spark people, don’t become sheep.


good day to you all!


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